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I've come to the conclusion that there are, apparently, not enough blinky-flashy things on the internet because I can't stop making these things! There's more gen, Blade, Shen and Marcus, than subtext. But there's still some subtext. Oh, and Marcus snark.

Subtext Powned Can you hear me now?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to *gasp* go outside. Well, outside long enough to go see a crappy movie!!

PS - Someone requested an icon from me in email. I haven't done it yet and is why I made these to see if it was possible. It's coming just not yet :)
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Before I start my commentary, I'd give this episode a solid B even though I'm about to nitpick it to Hell and back. I've enjoyed the heck out of this season and will be seriously *pissed* if it doesn't get renewed. But, hopefully, TPTB will have worked out the kinks that have chapped my ass all season long. Anyhoo, on to the commentary:

Seriously, Someone Should Have *Really* Seen That Coming. Seriously )
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Okay, three more Blade icons then I seriously have to go to bed.

Holy Shit Icon Chase Strut Krista Icon
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Okay, three more before I have to run off for work. *grumble*stupid work*grumble*

Limo Snarl Icon Chase Icon

I'm not particularly happy with the first Chase icon. I was experimenting with making a more squarish 100x100 icon. I think I prefer the 16x9 look of the other two. I may go back to make the 'Chase' text stay up for a bit longer but that won't be until later tonight. Plus, I still gotta do 'Krista making orgasm pain faces in the shower' icons!!
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Well, I finally figured out my frame rate problem and I started experimenting with animated icons. More Blade stuff, and sure, it's not Chase's naked stunt ass, or Krista and Chase about to make out. But, I got'em both under 40k and, right now, that's all that really matters right, right!?!

Dust Icon Scream Icon
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Let's just get this out the way, for those of you who have to download the episode - here's the Krista/Chase scene in full!

Krista, Chase and nothing but Krista's skin between them! 16megs

Now, onto my commentary. Most of this is verbatim of what I wrote over on [ profile] fembuck's journal with some other thoughts thrown in.

Hunters, aka, the Ep Where Every One Else Is Dumber Than Blade )
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I know I still have later episodes to do, but i wanted to go back to the Pilot since there was still some good stuff to animate. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with my frame rate. So, some of these are actually at the right speed.

Oh, and this is *huge*. Dial-uppers, I wouldn't even try! Sorry. Oh, and even bigger apologies to Krista/Marcus fans. This is all done with love people - LOVE!

Next Ep - The episode you've ALL been waiting for. Or, well, at least the one that exists only in my mind.
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Changed my header again. It's not that I didn't like the old one, I just wanted something that brought out Jill Wagner's eyes a bit more. Because, really, JW has just gorgeous eyes. Not to thrilled with the current color scheme for the rest of my LJ. Never was a fan of light text on dark backgrounds, so that might be changing as well. Plus, I'm not sure how long this header will stay up thanks to being pointed towards a smorgasborg of Blade pics by [ profile] thelana via [ profile] fembuck's LJ.
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Blade: Episode 1x10 “Hunters”

I didn’t comment on last week’s episode, Angels & Demons, because I wanted to see what they did the following week to cement my opinions. And my opinion is this – sometimes, it’s like the PTB are reading my mind, and sometimes, it’s a complete ‘WTF?’ moment. This week’s episode was both.

Longish Commentary Below )
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Forget about any kind of commentary from me about this week's Blade. It's *all* about next week. And I've brought the goodies. You can pretty much ignore the first 25 seconds because it's ALL about the last five.

Blade Preview

It's an .mpg file and about 2 megs. If link doesn't work, just let me know and I'll try and fix it.

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I'm back to making more animated .gif's because I have one serious case of writer's block. The kind that makes me think about going into therapy and seeing if I can get some professional help because this serious, seriously sucks. Seriously.

There wasn't too much Chase/Krista interaction in this one due to Chase's case of 127 degree sunburn and the fact that ALL of her shots had Marcus in them (Who I'm beginning to hate more than McDouchebag and I didn't think that was possible). But, there's Charlotte and Krista being a badass.

Next Time - Dying Mom's, Cool Scars and Glynis!!
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Finally!! Being really busy on the weekends wouldn't be so bad if I was actually having fun! But all this.. working at work is really starting to suck. Anyhoo, on to the fun, while there wasn't alot interaction between our girls, there was a *whole* bunch of really good scenes, so I wound up capping all kinds of stuff. There are twelve clips under the cut, which makes this *really* not dial-up friendly.

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Once again, I must apologize to the dial-uppers 'cuz this one is *huge*! And I really need to find some sort of compression program 'cuz, at this rate, I'll be running out of room in my gallery *real* soon. Not alot of Chase/Krista interaction but, man, was tehre some good stuff here. I may go back and do more (I still need to do eps 5-7) but, I think this ep may have broken me ;)

Blade 1x08

Aug. 18th, 2006 11:08 am
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Ha! You thought there was gonna be more animated .gif's, didn't ya? I figured I'd yakked so much about Blade in [ profile] fembuck's journal, it was probably time I started doing it in mine.

Turning of the Screw Thoughts )
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God, I love this show. Like, seriously love this show - as in convention going, merchandise buying, think about way more than should be considered sane lurve. Anyhoo, some more femslashy goodness. Not alot of Khase interaction in this ep. But enough to make more animated .gif's!

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Finally, Finally, I finished the second batch of episode three .gif's. I think I'm getting better and may have figured out my speed/timing issues. I may go back and fix the old ones..maybe 'cuz, damn, is this time consuming. Anyhoo, this one is all about Chase, the inappropriate eyeshags and, especially, the bad touch.

Next up - Episode Four!
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More Blade animated femslash. ([personal profile] ralst, did you really think asking for three more 'gif's was punishment!?!) I'm gonna have to divide this into two separate posts because a) this ep is totally gay, b) I have four more scenes capped that are friggin' long and c) I can't finish them today 'cuz I have to work. Boo work!

Oh, and can I just say - this show is friggin' dark! I could have finished these in half the time if someone would have turned some damn lights on!!

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As the saying goes - the first step is admitting you have a problem. Ha, I soo totally don't have a problem, other than not enough hours in the day to cap femslash gifs!! These are selected grabs from episode two. There would have been more but my eyes started to cross.

* apologies to dial-up users, 'cuz this is soo not dial-up friendly.

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So, after having this program for over two years, I just discovered *today* that the damn thing comes with Image Ready. Which means I can make animated gifs. And, since a certain someone *cough*[personal profile] leavethesky*cough* mentioned succumbing to the temptation of Blade, I could think of no better way of tempting her than by animating my current favorite femslashy couple. Caps were taken from [personal profile] fembuck's episode uploads using Virtual Dub.

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Made another photomanip, okay only one manip this time. And, not only is it femslash picspam, it's totally Safe For Work!!

Another Reason to Watch Blade )


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