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First off, can I propose a ban on all former USMNT players being commentators? I swear, if I have to listen to John Hawkes or Eric Wynalda ruminating on the 'good ol days' one more friggin' time, something's getting broken. Here's a little note for you guys, - you guys weren't *that* good!

I think the best part about watching the Egypt/Italy game (aside from Egypt beating Italy) was the wishful thinking of the announcers in regards to the US's chances of making it to the semis.

JP Dellacamera: Well, for the US to make it to the semifinals, let's see, in the upcoming Brazil versus Italy match, Italy would have to DROP DEAD five minutes after arriving on the pitch, and then the US would have to beat Egypt by a BAJILLION points!! So, yes, the US *could* make it to the semifinals. Go team!

I'm not exactly gonna call for Bob Bradley's head (Bruce Arena could still be coaching) as much as point the finger at the US Federation continually sticking their head up their collective asses when it comes to hiring a foreign coach. Strange how it's good enough for the women but not the men. It still completely baffles me that they chose Bradley over Jurgen Klinnsman!
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Less than 17 minutes in and there's already been *three* Spanish man-piles!! Yes, I know my icon is a German man-pile, I have no idea what happened to all my Spain icons. Anyway, Spain looks like they're playing a team from some rec league. *sigh* Poor New Zealand.

The stadium in Rustenberg, South Africa looks *gorgeous*!

And could John Hawkes (ESPN) muster an ounce of enthusiasm please? Dude sounds like he's announcing from his Berco-lounger in his boxers while suffering from a serious hangover. At least JP's trying!
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Wow, it's been awhile since I've done one of these. *sigh* I really, really wanted to be there but, you know, unemployed and all! Anyway, here's some thoughts on the first half of the game.

under the cut, of course, for those who don't want to be spoiled )

FYI #1 - registration for the lottery for 2010 World Cup tickets starts February 20th. Yeah, I don't know how I'm gonna come up with the money but I'll be damned if I'm not throwing my hat into the ring. Register now, worry about paying for them later. Who knows? Maybe this will be the beginning of my career as a liquor store bandit!

FYI #2 - The women's Pro League starts March 29th. And, in case ya'll haven't heard, Marta will be playing in the league. Sadly, she'll be playing for LA which, you know, beggars can't be choosers.

Second half )
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I thought I was done with this, I really was. I mean, what *more* is there to say? Then..

Hope Solo apologizes. Again. )
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Eek! Can't believe it's almost been two months since I last posted. *grumble* stupid real life *grumble*. Anyhoo, here are my thoughts on the group stages of the Women's World Cup posted award style.. without the red carpet, embarrassing performances by washed up teen princesses and interminable commercial breaks.

Women's World Cup - The Group Stages )
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I totally should have called in sick yesterday. That was way too much football and not enough time for me to watch!

USA vs. Mexico )

England vs. Spain )

I now return you to your regularly scheduled femslashy journal!
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This is the post where I curse and swear about various topics that really have nothing to do with each other. I just didn't wanna spam my flist with a billion different topics.

Damn You England! )

Damn You SciFi! Eureka 1x07 'Blink' )

Damn You Spiketv! )

Yay! BSG )
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Just a couple quick thoughts before I head off to bed -

- 66,830 (170 less than a sell-out) for a soccer match! In Seattle!! That's 10,000 more than showed up for Manchester United 5 years ago.

- Getting to Qwest tonight took me *twice* as long as the actual match!! And I still wound up missing the first 30 minutes because of friggin' traffic. I should also mention I was late leaving my apartment to finish up my Blade fic *and* forgot to set the friggin' vcr!! Can anyone possibly point me to a download? I seriously don't think I can wait for Monday's repeat!!

- Whoever the genius was who decided to build the Qwest Parking lot next to railroad tracks should be publically pelted with rotten fruit.

- *sigh* David Beckham's really fucking hot. And, apparently, that intimidates ugly men.

- I also, apparently, think Ruud Van Nistleroy is hot when he's not wearing a Man U shirt.

- Robinho is cute as a bug.

- If Freddie Adu (who's also cute as a bug) stays in the MLS for the entirety of his career - a) he's a moron and b) his handlers need to be publically flogged. I honestly think he's gone about as far as he can go with United and the time is close to moving on to greener pastures.

- While I don't think anyone should take the result too serious because, really, I think *everyone* on the Real bench got to play, there sure was an awful lot of shoving and man growling going on.

- I was so late I missed *both* goals! Wahhhhh!!!!

- Is this an American thing - wearing jerseys of teams that aren't even playing to the match. National colors I can understand but the guys in the Juventus, Arsenal, etc!?! That shit seriously bugs. This isn't the first time I've noticed this. I've seen it at every soccer match I've been to, even USL Sounders games!!

- Hopefully the Seattle Sounders got a good chunk of change for this match. And is another step closer to Seattle getting an MLS franchise.

- Qwest is a nice stadium but the seats SUCK!! All that money and they couldn't spare a little more armrest room!?!

- Oh, and did I mention that a) Beckham's really hot, b) he got a haircut and c) it really scares me that I can tell the difference.
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Drive-by post here because mommatrancer's in town for the next two weeks. So, that's why I still haven't responded to a ton of stuff I totally should be responding to but anyway - OMG!!

Real Madrid's Coming to Seattle!!

I'm like bouncing off the walls I'm so happy! This almost makes up for that asshole Schultz selling the Storm and Sonics to friggin' Oklahoma! And totally makes up for me not having the money to be able to go and watch Barcelona in LA next month.

It's gonna be Real vs. DC United. Which I totally prefer over the whole Euro team versus MLS All stars format. I also know Chelsea's coming over for a couple matches. But, I could really give a flying fig about Chelsea because OMG!! Real Madrid is coming to Seattle!!

Off to put in a day off request at work!And then try and convince the Sports Guy to get me a press pass!
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Once again, the US media keeps pushing the pipe dream - Beckham could give MLS some glamour, glitz. *sigh*
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This was actually going to be a post with pictures of players from all the teams featured today, but, since the majority of the player's have yet to receive their 'shirts are forbidden' memo, this post will be soley in honor of the Host Nation.

All the pics of the German team were from the World Cup Slash comm. Who are apparently seasoned veterans in the 'must find homoerotic pics of footballers' category.
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It's all [personal profile] lostingeekdom's fault!! In preparation for the World Cup, she gave the rallying cry for Shallow Viewers *everywhere*. And, really, when it comes to the Shallow, I am soo very, very weak! So, I bring you an update chockful of Shallow Viewing. But, be warned, this is not dial-up friendly, and just gets gayer with every pic!


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