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In 2009, I meant to make more posts of the movie's I'd watched. I still have a GIANT Bollywood review to post. So, for 2010, I've decided to make a running count of the movies I've watched. With the goal of hitting a hundred. Which, for me, probably isn't going to be that hard. Anyway, under the cut are the movies I've watched in 2010 so far.

Edges of Darkness, Pontypool, Hatchet, Black Devil Doll, Whip It, Inglourious Basterds, Doghouse, Dead Snow, Cadillac Records and Fanboys )


Oct. 18th, 2009 11:42 am
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Guess what I saw at the Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival last night? That's right - And Then Came Lola! Which is now making the rounds in the film festival circuit and will be released on DVD sometime next year.

If you need just *one* reason to go see this movie then see it to see [ profile] anomalys's name in the credits (of course, if you know her real life name and I'm not going to tell you)!! Woot, [ profile] anomalys is like a Hollywood Power Player now.

Rambling Thoughts That Almost Sound Like A Review )
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Jennifer's Body is a tale of two movies, not of maintext versus subtext but two seperate movies fighting for dominance in which, ultimately, the oft-told (and tired) conventional one wins.

[This review comes with a trigger warning]

The most horrifying scene in this movie isn't one with tons of gore or special effects.. )
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The one good thing about being unemployed is I have the time to watch a ton of movies. I'd also like to say this - being unemployed during a heat wave with no air conditioning? SUCKS THE BIG ONE!! For me, it's not so much the heat as much as it reduces computer time because I have to keep powering down so the damn thing doesn't overheat!!

Recent Movies I've Watched - Eagle Eye, My Bloody Valentine, 12 Rounds, Were the World Mine, Drona, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and Attack Girls Swim Team vs. The Undead.. Whew!! )
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Been on a movie watching binge lately (stupid tv in repeats for the summer). Some of these are recent, some are older, some are crappy, some are really good and some are *really* crappy. I'm not sure who I should sue for the 90 minutes of my life wasted on Land of the Lost but lawyers are being contacted!!

Recent Movies - Wild Zero, Tokyo Zombie, Koi Mil Gaya, The Hangover, Wolverine, Land of the Lost, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Mango Kiss. Whew!! )
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The only thing more astounding than the people who actually clapped at the end of this excessively long POS (or the minstrel stereotypes of Skids and Mudflaps and before anyone accuses me of being overly sensitive or seeing racism where it doesn't exist I'd like to point out the article was printed *before* I saw the movie) is this - 15 minutes before the movie started an usher came into the theater and announced that the showing was sold out and could everyone move towards the center of their row to make room for the Johnny Come Latelys.. and people DID IT!! Me? I was like HELL to the fucking NO!! I was in the seat of my own choosing and I had no intentions of giving it up for a bunch of yahoo's who can't read a fucking clock! Good news is, no one actually asked me to move, which kinda spoiled my fun 'cuz I was totally gonna charge 20 bucks for anyone who did ask.

I did wind up sitting next to a charming, cute as a button and quiet as a door mouse little boy. The same couldn't be said for his Uncle who kept checking his Blackberry every 20 or so minutes!!

As for the movie.. )
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Oh David Decoteau, how I love thee. You know the old adage - a broken clock is right twice a day. I think the same could be said of Decoteau's career. In his career, the man's made over 60 movies. So, you know, due to the law of averages and everything a *couple* of them gotta be good!

Pit Pendulum

Sadly, 'The Pit & The Pendulum' isn't one of them )

Mamma Mia

Jul. 25th, 2008 12:07 pm
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I wish I could have something coherent and semi-intelligible to say about this. Because, really, a musical with nothing but Abba songs = me a squealing fangirl that makes the batshit Twilight fans look sane! I do have one thing to say about Amanda Seyfriend -

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

Thank you for tanking your career by turning into a coked-out party girl. Three years and just as many High School Musicals ago, this role would have totally gone to you. Now that most of Hollywood won't touch you with a ten foot pole, the role went to your Mean Girls co-star Amanda Seyfried, who's been quietly and successfully creating the career many thought you would have. I don't begrudge you a happy and healthy recovery, or eternal happiness with your rat-faced girlfriend but, seriously, who knew Lily Kane could sing and look really, *really* hot doing it!
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So, Monday was my birthday and how did I decide to treat myself? By buying porn. Okay, technically, the Birds of Prey DVD set isn't porn. But if it had been, it'd probably still be on the air today!

The other title I purchased? Unfaithful 2, because, you know, Unfaithful 1 left *soo* many unanswered questions. I reviewed the first movie a little over a year ago. Now, a year and a half after its European release, the sequel is finally available in the US.

So, Was It Worth The Wait? Spoiler Warning and Probably NSFW )
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I haven't been paying much attention to my '101 in 1001' list. I could have sworn I had a 'watch one movie a week for three months entry' but I'm too lazy to scour my list. Anyhoo, here's the list of movies I've seen for the past month.

The Host )

Grindhouse )

Hot Fuzz )

Pathfinder )

The Condemned )

And now for a rant )
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*sigh* Why do I do this to myself? I decided to spend my days off watching movies. Two days, five movies - 2 horror, 1 martials arts, 1 scifi and one lesbian porn. Not just any porn but 'the best girl/girl movie from the man who's reinventing the genre'. Well, that is, if you believe the viewer reviews and, silly me, I believed them enough to sit down and watch this.

I'd first heard about Viv Thomas on ELMS (Encyclopedia of Lesbian Movie Scenes), then followed the link to, where reviewers are practically building shrines to him.

Unfaithful Cover

Unfaithful - a serious examination of a lesbian relationship on the brink.. or something )

Coming Soon: It's a Battle Royale as Ravenous, Redneck Aliens take on Eco-Terrorist Zombies!!
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It was Naughty Pirate Movie week at casa de la trancer (or 'gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon week' take your pick). And having slogged through the hetfilm 'Pirates', I turned towards the more sappho side of cinema with 'Girl Kings'. A movie I found while randomly perusing the Wolfe Video site. I mean it's got lesbians, and pirates and Drag King's. How could I refuse? One day later, I'm honestly wishing I had!!

Girl King Poster

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When I walked into my local Blockbuster it was with the intention of having a Slaughtered Spelunkers marathon. But then I changed my mind because even *I'm* not that big a masochist. So, I chose the two more well-known of the Cave Crawling Catastrophe movies - The Descent and The Cave. There was supposed to be like analysis and shit about post-modernism and man's place in nature. But, I bored myself to sleep and forgot what I was going to say. So instead, it's a movie versus movie battle royale where I answer the critical questions - Who lives? Who dies? Who has inappropriate subtext with their costar? And why the Hell do people keep hiring Cole Hauser?

So, I now present -

The Descent Postervs

The Cave Poster

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Oh man, the only bad thing about watching this movie was watching it alone and not having anyone to snark with. So, today, I present to you - Pirates the R-rated version!

Pirates Cover

My interest in this was twofold - I wanted to see what all the hype was about and this was shot completely on HD and I wanted to see what an HD movie not made by ILM looked like. So, when I found the 'edited for the mainstream' version sitting on the shelves of my local Blockbuster, how could I *not* pick this up?

Originally released in '05 as a full blown porn, this movie won all kinds of accolades within the porn industry and received even some mainstream media attention. If you're to believe the hype then this is the movie that's supposed to bridge the gap between mainstream movies and porn flicks - high quality porn with high-calibre writing, acting and directing.

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Dhoom 2 Poster

I’d like to say any and everything I know about Bollywood I learned from either [personal profile] thelana who still hasn’t stopped teasing me for watching Krrish, let alone actually liking it! So if something was lost in the translation don't be afraid to smack me upside the head and tell to stop being a stupidhead!

In case you hadn’t heard, for the past week let alone the past month, Mother Nature has taken the Pacific Northwest, bent us over and then performed unmentionable and painful things to us. And as much as I love BSG, after this past week, I wasn’t in the mood for dark and depressing, let alone another installment of Starbuck’s Creek!

So, the shallow viewer in me won for the night! Because there was Dhoom 2 and Hrithik Roshan (and his abs) and Aishwarya Rai (and her *everything*). And, during a random search for info on this movie, I discovered a theater in Kirkland that plays nothing but Bollywood movies. I missed seeing “Don” by a day but, squee, found out Kabul Express opens there in two weeks.

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On the whole, PotC is flashy, bright, loud with a couple amazing action sequences. It's everything I want in a summer blockbuster. It's fluffy fun. Except, it's one of those movies that falls apart the moment you start thinking about it.

And all I can say is - why the fuck didn't anybody *warn* me?

Detailed Spoilers and Rant Ahead )

*sigh* I should have stayed home, saved my money and watched my Murder in Suburbia DVD's!!
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Just got back from seeing X-3, or whatever the heck it’s called. I'm not the biggest fan of the first two X-movies but, damn, at least those left a good impression when I left the theater!

Let’s start with the good )

Then we get to the bad )


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