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Heh, I got all this via a link from [ profile] ariestess. Cliff Notes version - Sci-Fi author K. Tempest Bradford takes resurrected Realms of Fantasy magazine to task for constantly putting fantasy art with only females on their covers. During the course of discussion, someone, *not* K. Tempest Bradford, creates a mock RoF cover featuring a semi-nude male, which Bradford later posts on her blog. Someone, or someone's, miffed about the post talks to Harlan Ellison about Bradford calling RoF sexist. Harlan Ellison proceeds to make a COMPLETE AND UTTER ASS of himself.. again. It should be noted, Ellison has since apologized. Regardless, the ensuing flap had the predictable outcome of derailing the conversation, the topic of which was a magazine devoted to fantasy and science fiction with a large female readership constantly putting up covers for the sole purpose of appealing to male readers.

Anyway, enough about that, what does any of that have to do with this post? I was so inspired - I MADE REALMS OF FANTASY COVER PRoN!! That's what! Sure, in the pictures below the cut, I could have used the original models. But why be so boring when I can photoshop Gerard Butler and Karl Urban as horny satyrs holding their erect satyr-hoods in their hands as they gaze seductively into camera!?! Heh, someone somewhere *really* regrets giving me Photoshop!

Needless to say, this is soo NOT SAFE FOR WORK!! But, what do I know, I haven't had a job for so long I've forgotten what the Hell that means!!

If Realms of Fantasy were actually 'Fair and Balanced' and, apparently, run by the same people who do Cosmo.. )
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I'd been trying to use my Photoshop-Fu and create an Olivia P.I. graphic to go with my 'City of Angels' fic (and serve as inspiration for the sequel, which I'm saving for IDoF. The damn thing has turned out to be bigger/longer than I *ever* intended). My search for the perfect CC pic was going nowhere (seriously, where *do* you go for high-res pics of CC and/or LJ) when [ profile] jetgirl78 posted the PERFECT picture! Because now I didn't have to photoshop a fedora *and* a trenchcoat.. with hands in pockets action! Thanks for the new kink, [ profile] anomalys! Anyway, here's the result with the bigger version under the cut..

Olivia Spencer, PI )

Anyhoo, I'm off to watch Christian Bale fight robots in the future! Man, why couldn't Sarah Connor have given birth to a girl!?!
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Okay, okay, these are gonna be the last for awhile a) my mouse is crapping out on me, b) the band is playing a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club tonight and c) after that, I leave for JESUS LAND, aka Texas. Which all equals one *really* long ass day! Which is also why I didn't come up with a synopsis for these last two. Besides, the storylines practically write themselves!!

Lesbians Nuns and Promiscuous Lesbians Under The Cut )

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I'm back with more because, well, it beats going outside in the cold or, worse, working on that damned resume! But this time, rather than movies it's TV shows, or TV shows based on movies only this time with lesbians! Plus, what the Doctor Who fandom needs more is race based wank on who should be the next Doctor!

The REAL Madness Is Under The Cut )

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Yep, I'm back with more posters for imaginary movies! This time its Paget Brewster, lesbian gangs and musical theater! That's right! I bring you - A Clockwork Sappho!

Because What The World Needs Is A Musical About A Dystopian Future With Lesbian Gangs! )

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Ooh, look at me two posts in *one* day. I'm on a roll. Anyway, here's a little something I made for 'Int'l Day of Femslash '09'. Because what the world needs is a movie where Katherine Heigl plays a lesbian Martian named Voluptua, with a diabolical plan to steal Earth's lesbians for the sole purpose of powering her 'orgasmatron ray of death'. Lena Headey plays a Secret Service Agent named Sixty-Nine, and Freema Agyeman plays the only scientist (and quite possibly the last lesbian on earth) who can stop Voluptua's evil plan.

I Now Present 'Mars Needs Lesbians.. and so does EARTH!' )

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I'm not exactly sure where the inspiration for this little bit of cracktastic WMC AU came from. It started with me going - 'you know, when are we gonna get a SW movie about a female Jedi?', to - 'you know who would make a kick-ass Jedi - Lindsay Boxer!'. There may have been something in there about the only way I could write a Lindsay/Cindy fic is to write an AU, with Cindy being a Padawan (assigned to Lindsay because no one could put up with her) and running around calling Lindsay 'Master'. There may have been something in there about Lindsay being a former Jedi who'd been kicked out of The Order for sleeping with a Senator's wife or something. Anyhoo, the SW verse seemed so perfect for a WMC AU, plus, there's just not enough SW femslash. I made a Lindsay Jedi manip but it looked empty and I thought it would be cool if *all* the women were Jedi's. So, here it is - my version of WMC Star Wars Style.

Not Coming Soon To A Theater Near You! )

Now what would I have to do to get someone to *write* this story for me?

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Someday, probably in a couple months, when I'm homeless and posting from the backseat of my car because I was too busy creating fan art instead of working on resumes, I hope ya'll will remember me!!

More IDoF madness. Two smaller fandoms, Painkiller Jane and Bionic Woman, and one more Criminal Minds to add to the collection. I did something a little different and added a bit of color to them. Got the inspiration from Painkiller Jane.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oooh, is it July 19th Yet? )
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Because this is what I do instead of working on resumes - create fake ads for tv shows.

*sigh* If only there were a place that hired people who's only PhotoShop skills were homoerotic photomanips!! Anyone know of such a place?

Larger versions under the cut )
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I'm taking the Script Frenzy plunge again this year. Hopefully, I won't stall out at the halfway point like I did last year. Since I made a poster for [ profile] ralst I figured I should make one for myself. I decided to post it now 'cuz if I kept tweaking it, I was gonna drive myself mad! Larger version is under the cut.

Lesbians, Vampires and Zombies Oh My! )
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Just a little something I put together to, hopefully, inspire me to finish *one* damn story! This was created using a tutorial by [ profile] le_mot_art found here.

For the Lindsay and Jill fans out there.. all *five* of us!

800x600 - 1024x768

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I know I have like a bajillion pictures to upload, and I will.. later. I still have to get my film developed and I burned all my cash on gas. Although, I think I may have screwed up a roll which really sucks.

Anyway, in honor of Xena month, [ profile] ralst asked for Xena movie posters. I've already sent her the larger versions but I was so tickled pink with the results I just *had* to share!

Pirates of the Aegean Sea )
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Just messin' around with Photoshop some more. Made some fake posters for my PKJ Frank Sinatra fic. Of course, it wasn't until *after* I made these pics that I realized 'Jane of the Dead' would have made a MUCH better title!

Not Coming Soon to a Theater or TV Near You )

Because Maureen Deserves Better! )
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Here we go again. More episodes from Murder in Suburbia. This time, it's Episode 2x04, titled "Salsa", but I can't decide if the title in trancerville is "the episode where Emma discovers what brown can't do for her" or "the episode where Ash shows up at Scribbs place for tea" and in trancerville "tea" is British for "hot girl-on-girl sex!!". There are three animated icons in this batch down at the very bottom. I'm supposed to be writing MiS fic, but I've since learned if I *don't* write any fic [ profile] ralst will show up at my doorstep wearing black leather and carrying a giant bullwhip!

059 069 063 055

72 icons/bases/animated gifs from Ep.2x04 Salsa )

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More Murder in Suburbia icons. This time from episode 2x03, The Wedding. Known in trancerville as 'the episode where Kate and Emma get drunk at Kate's place and are about to makeout when interrupted by Sullivan'. No, seriously, check out icons 41-49, where Emma's all checking out Kate. Kate tosses her bedroom eyes at Emma all 'wanna go into my bedroom and shag?' And Emma's all 'ooh baby, you *know* what I like!'. Then, there's a knock at the door and Sullivan throws an ice cold bucket of Het!Yay! (also known as lesbionic-coitus interruptus) onto the whole almost but never was. Damn you, Sullivan!!

010 041 082 014

85 Icons from Ep 2x03 The Wedding )
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More from my ever growing Dina Meyer Collection! This is like the Holy Grail of Dina titles seeing as how its not available on DVD in the US.

Secret Agent Man premiered on UPN way back in the summer of 2000. Pretty much the only reason it's called Secret Agent Man is so they could use the song, because it bears little resemblence to the original of the same name. I don't remember too much since once I got my DVD's I immediately started capping instead of watching. I just remember it was fluffy entertainment with guns and explosions and was very sad when it disappeared from UPN's schedule. Like, seriously, they really didn't have much else to off back in 2000.. or ever.

Anyhoo, these are all of Dina since I didn't think anyone on my flist wanted icons of Costas Mandylor and even if you did I still wouldn't have made any!!

001 002 14

25 icons from Ep1x01 From Prima With Love )
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More icony goodness because it seems I've become addicted to making icons. Once I finish with MiS, it's on to Secret Agent Man. The one with Dina Meyer!! Wo0t!!! That and uploading more lesbian themed movies. I think I might actually squeeze some writing in there somewhere. But, who knows. Maybe the muses will kick back into gear once we get out of repeats. Standard iconing rules apply - these are all bases, commenting/crediting not really necessary, snag as many as you want!

067 048 045

Episode 2x02 Estate Agents )

PS - *sigh* I just realized I *really* need a new header seeing as how it's really not November anymore.
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More icons, this time from Murder in Suburbia. While season two was just as good as season one, it does suffer because of Emma's unfortunate 'Bangs of Shame'. There 81 in total, and all icons/bases.

054 084 051

Ep 2x01 Witches..Or as I like to call it - 'OhmyGod, Emma, what'd you do to your hair!?! )
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I have a ton of stuff to talk about, such as the premiere of South of Nowhere and Thursday's Grey's. Or the fact that I still have writer's block. But, I seem to have discovered that when I have writer's block I like to make flashy blinky icons. So, here are some flashy blinky icons from Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove. I'm not particularly happy with some of the text on the Cove icons but there's pretty boys kissing and hot Girl-on-Girl action which balances everything out!

001 002 003

Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove Icons )
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I'm expanding my horizons, lol. There are four Grey's icons from the Fray video and all are clips of season three. So, I guess they're considered spoilery. Although there's nothing really spoilery about them. But, just wanted to be safe so they're all under the cut. There's also 5 more Blade goodies, one Charlotte, one Blade, and three Khase icons. There are also two requested icons for Lena H.

1.Girl 2.Down

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch the new season of Dante's Cove. Why didn't anyone TELL me the new season has started, dammit!


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