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Suh-WEET!! It's a two-for-one deal, a fic for IDoF *and* another fill for my Cliche Bingo Card!!

Title: Time In A Bottle by AO3 icon trancer
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Helen Magnus/Jane Druitt
Rating: Mature for consensual sex between two adult women.
Spoilers: General spoilers for all seasons
Word Count: 11622
Warnings: Genderswap, violence and some graphic imagery
Summary: Always-a-girl genderswap. Helen doesn’t want Jane Druitt. But, she needs her, for reasons that aren’t as simplistic as Helen would like them to be.
A/N #1: In this story, Ashley doesn’t die/disappear. Also, in my mind's eye, Jane Druitt would totally be played by Peta Wilson!!
A/N #2: For my Summer of Cliches Bingo card; prompt - #18 Genderswap

"Helen could think of a thousand reasons not to be here, a thousand reasons why she *shouldn’t* be here. Yet, here she was, standing across from the person she hated, the person she used to love with every fiber of her being."
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Title: The Visitor
Fandom: Sanctuary/Warehouse 13
Pairing: Helen Magnus/Helena ‘H.G.’ Wells, mentions of Helena ‘H.G.’ Wells/Myka Bering, Helen Magnus/John Druitt, Helena ‘H.G.’ Wells/John Druitt
Rating: Mature for consensual sex between two adult women
Spoilers: General spoilers for seasons 1 & 2 of Sanctuary, general spoilers for season 2 of Warehouse 13
Word Count: 6576
Summary: History is never forgotten and time doesn’t heal all wounds.

"There she is. Beneath all that politeness and rehearsed civility, there’s the Helen Magnus I know." - link goes to AO3
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Title: A Tangled Web
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Dark!Helen/Dark!Ashley
Rating: Mature
Warning: Incest, Dub Con, Brief Scenes of Violence
Word Count: 8339
Summary: The one where Will finds out and all Hell breaks loose.

The rules don’t apply to the great Helen Magnus. )
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This is for the two Sanctuary fans on my f-list.

Well.. crap )
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*sigh* All ya'll sane, rational, *normal* people just.. just look away!

Title: Wrong Is Right
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Helen/Ashley
Rating: Mature
Warning: Incest
Word Count: 880
Summary: Helen picks the wrong time to think about her inappropriate relationship with Ashley.

She cried because it wasn’t John Druitt who was the monster - it was Helen. )
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Title: Beast at Bay
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Helen/Ashley
Rating: Mature
Warning: Dark Fic - incest, rough sex, references to violence
Word Count: 3787
Summary: Ashley‘s more like her father than Helen could have imagined. Ashley’s more like her mother than Helen ever thought possible.
A/N: In this fic, Ashley hasn’t learned who her father is.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Like she had two children - her child and John’s child. )
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Ha! How's that for a title? And, no, this has nothing to do with my previous post in regards to whether or not Helen and Ashley are banging each other.

Crackpot Theories Caused By Lack Of Sleep Under The Cut )
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I understand this week's episode was your 'we blew our budget for sweeps now we gotta do an ep as cheaply as humanly possible, ie, sticking two people in a room and hope it's entertaining for 42 minutes' but I just have two words for you - SUB PLOT!! Or at least ya'll could have watched Doctor Who's Midnight as an example of how to do this well-worn plot effectively. 'Cuz that was a 20 minute episode stretched to an interminable 42 minutes.

Also, I know that in Hollywoodland and, especially, the offices of SciFi there's the mantra belief that no story is worth telling unless it revolves around a heterosexual white-male preferably aged between 25-45 (a mantra also pinned to the computers of the Heroes staff) but, seriously, a little less Will please! I'm *really* starting to hate the character, especially since you guys keep shoving the 'Will's Special, no, he really is' theme down my throat by having him DO NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY! I mean, it's great that SciFi went out on a limb by airing a show that has a *gasp* woman as its lead, it'd just be nice if she were, you know, actually allowed to be the lead as opposed to co-lead.

And, yes, I do think this ep would have been more effective had it been Ashley instead of Will. Despite all of Will's emo-boy manpain, Ashley's the one with an immortal for a mother and a sociopathic, serial killer for a father. If you're looking for a well to mine for some drama? Ya'll are looking in the wrong place.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the show I just wish you guys (seriously, why don't you have a woman on your writing staff?) would skip a couple chapters in your "Book of Storytelling Sci-Fi Cliches For the Low Budget Writer" because, seriously, an 'underground fight club' episode? An UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB episode!?!
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Sanctuary – Episode One

I went into this series ‘cold’. Basically, all I knew was it was going to be a web based series by some of the folks from Stargate and it starred Amanda Tapping. Which, really, was all I needed to know to get me to watch.

I went ahead and bought the bundle for the first four episodes. I don’t know. I wanna say it was great but, honestly, I wasn’t that impressed. Yes, it LOOKS great. The production values are top notch. Considering the pedigree of those involved, I’d expect nothing less.

But all the production values in the world can’t save you from a mediocre narrative. Which is probably a bit unfair on my part but I was expecting a bit, I don’t know, more. It’s not bad, or horrible, instead it feels like the first 15 minutes of a very slow movie, instead of the first episode of a series, ya know. I didn’t find the characters particularly engaging other than playing ‘Hey! It’s That Stargate Guy’. I guess I just expected better from the people involved in the longest running scifi series on US television.

Amanda Tapping is just kinda there. It’ll take me awhile to get used to the British accent. But I didn’t really learn anything about the character other than she’s British and on the mysterious side. David Hewlett shows up to play a character I DON’T want to punch in the face with a frying pan, along with Kavan ‘Maj. Lorne’ Smith, sporting a very unfortunate haircut.

In the end, I’m invested until episode four (literally) but, if the show doesn’t pick up I don’t think I’ll be plunking my money down for the rest. (I know, who am I kidding, if I could pay full price for Dante’s Cove, I can pay for this). As for the web-series concept, honestly, I’ve seen better from people with far less money and resources than the folks doing Sanctuary. After one ep, I hoping for the best but bracing myself for the worst.


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