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I know I was supposed to find Luca Toni porn for [ profile] lostingeekdom but, well, somebody went out last night and somebody, I'm not naming name's, is still a little hungover! Sadly, half the teams I've iconed are already gone. But, there's lots of Luca Toni! Sadly, no tongue bath from Totti.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Look! It's A MANPILE! )
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Here we go again. More episodes from Murder in Suburbia. This time, it's Episode 2x04, titled "Salsa", but I can't decide if the title in trancerville is "the episode where Emma discovers what brown can't do for her" or "the episode where Ash shows up at Scribbs place for tea" and in trancerville "tea" is British for "hot girl-on-girl sex!!". There are three animated icons in this batch down at the very bottom. I'm supposed to be writing MiS fic, but I've since learned if I *don't* write any fic [ profile] ralst will show up at my doorstep wearing black leather and carrying a giant bullwhip!

059 069 063 055

72 icons/bases/animated gifs from Ep.2x04 Salsa )

x-posted to [ profile] ashscribbs.
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More Murder in Suburbia icons. This time from episode 2x03, The Wedding. Known in trancerville as 'the episode where Kate and Emma get drunk at Kate's place and are about to makeout when interrupted by Sullivan'. No, seriously, check out icons 41-49, where Emma's all checking out Kate. Kate tosses her bedroom eyes at Emma all 'wanna go into my bedroom and shag?' And Emma's all 'ooh baby, you *know* what I like!'. Then, there's a knock at the door and Sullivan throws an ice cold bucket of Het!Yay! (also known as lesbionic-coitus interruptus) onto the whole almost but never was. Damn you, Sullivan!!

010 041 082 014

85 Icons from Ep 2x03 The Wedding )
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More from my ever growing Dina Meyer Collection! This is like the Holy Grail of Dina titles seeing as how its not available on DVD in the US.

Secret Agent Man premiered on UPN way back in the summer of 2000. Pretty much the only reason it's called Secret Agent Man is so they could use the song, because it bears little resemblence to the original of the same name. I don't remember too much since once I got my DVD's I immediately started capping instead of watching. I just remember it was fluffy entertainment with guns and explosions and was very sad when it disappeared from UPN's schedule. Like, seriously, they really didn't have much else to off back in 2000.. or ever.

Anyhoo, these are all of Dina since I didn't think anyone on my flist wanted icons of Costas Mandylor and even if you did I still wouldn't have made any!!

001 002 14

25 icons from Ep1x01 From Prima With Love )
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More icony goodness because it seems I've become addicted to making icons. Once I finish with MiS, it's on to Secret Agent Man. The one with Dina Meyer!! Wo0t!!! That and uploading more lesbian themed movies. I think I might actually squeeze some writing in there somewhere. But, who knows. Maybe the muses will kick back into gear once we get out of repeats. Standard iconing rules apply - these are all bases, commenting/crediting not really necessary, snag as many as you want!

067 048 045

Episode 2x02 Estate Agents )

PS - *sigh* I just realized I *really* need a new header seeing as how it's really not November anymore.
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More icons, this time from Murder in Suburbia. While season two was just as good as season one, it does suffer because of Emma's unfortunate 'Bangs of Shame'. There 81 in total, and all icons/bases.

054 084 051

Ep 2x01 Witches..Or as I like to call it - 'OhmyGod, Emma, what'd you do to your hair!?! )
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I was going to cap the greatest 80's post-apocalyptic, Valley girl, zombie movie ever made - Night of the Comet. But, my version of VLC wasn't havin' any of it, so I decided to cap Mercy with Ellen Barkin and Peta Wilson instead.

Oh the 90's how I miss you and your lesbian chic, with KD and Ellen and Melissa, when it was okay to have mainstream movies with lesbians in them.. as long as the lesbian dies! Oh yes, the 90's, I think of you fondly.

Sure, this wasn't actually released until 2000, but I consider it a 90's movie anyway. What more could you ask for? Ellen Barkin as a butchy closet case Detective, Peta Wilson as a high-end call girl, Julian Sands being.. well, Julian Sands, exclusive lesbian clubs, S&M, murder, intriugue, everything but the kitchen sink. Really? What more could you ask for? Well, for starters, how about the lesbian *doesn't* die!?! Or a story that doesn't relate perversion, depression, drug use to lesbianism? Although the idea of a lesbian club for wealthy and social climbing women is like one of my ultimate fantasies. Of course, it also includes a Hilary Clinton type (played by Jaclyn Smith) who's attempts to take over the world include rebuilding the Amazon Nation with her army of Amazonian lesbians. What? Like *you* don't have that fantasy!

I hadn't seen this movie in awhile and mainly skipped over most of it to get to the good parts. Basically anything with Peta Wilson in it 'cuz Ellen Barkin kinda chews up a bit too much scenery in her attempts to play a 'tough cop'. So, these icons are a bit Peta heavy.

Mer-001 Mer-006 Mer-012

33 Icons from Mercy, aka, the One Where Peta Wilson and Ellen Barkin Make Out! )
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Because making icons can, apparently, become an addiction. That and there's actually a movie where Dina gets her Sappho on. Sadly, it's Deadly Little Secrets. My least favorite DM movie and, on some level, a movie I kinda hate. A psychological thriller that's neither psychological nor particularly thrilling. The kinda movie you watch when it's the middle of the night, you can't sleep and are kinda drunk. Because watching in any other state would require paying attention and there are *way* too many plot holes and WTF!?! moments that warrant that kind of attention!

The second set is Stranger Than Fiction, which is one of my favorite DM movies. Made in the '90's when 'black comdies' were all the rage. Four college friends, in an attempt to cover one murder, can't stop the body count from rising. It's a pretty decent movie that kinda crumbles under the weight of one damn twist too many.

Anyway, here are the icons. They're all bases. Some are better than others because, God, another bad 90's trend in independent movies was low-lighting. No guys, it doesn't look cool it just looks like you couldn't afford a damn cinematographer! These are all bases, all up for grabs.. and all Dina!

DEA-007 STR-001 STR-007

42 Icons Including Dina Making Out With A Chick..Twice!! )
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Now that Nano's over, I'm catching up on all the stuff I wanted to do but didn't have time for. Plus, it's always nice to do an icon post that doesn't have me worrying about getting fired;) This is totally for [ profile] ralst who requested some Dina Meyer icons. And seeing as how I have like every Dina Meyer movie in existence? Why not!!

These are all bases and for anyone to use. Commenting isn't necessary but credit would be nice, but also not necessary.

B-007 F-002 F-009

36 icons from two of Dina Meyer's greatest hits - Bats and Federal Protection )
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Would someone *please* re-release this in a digitally remastered edition already!?! The transfer of this movie is *awful*. And, hey, no cracks about how the transfer is a representation of the actual movie 'cuz Xanadu ROCKS!!

011 013 026

36 Icons From the Greatest Big Band Meets New Wave in the World's Most Awesome Rollerskating Disco Musical EVER!! )
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Next up on my lesbian movie iconing kick - Better Than Chocolate. I have to say, I liked this movie better when I first saw it way back in '99 than I do now. Mainly spoilers for anyone who wants to be surprised )

Still, it has the hot but unfortunately pornstar named Christina Cox looking butch, getting naked and showing the world her O-face. The subplots distract you from the heavy-handed clichedness of the main plot, plus they're better acted. But most importantly - nobody dies!!

Oh, and I would categorize some of these as NSFW, so view at your own caution!

019 040 045

63 Icons from Better Than Chocolate )

PS - I was totally gonna icon Xanadu today. But, I realized last night that I loaned it out to a friend and still haven't gotten it back. And I'm pretty sure they didn't want me banging on their door at 2am when I made this little realization! I'm sure they wouldn't have stopped being friend with me for waking them up in the middle of the night to get back my Xanadu DVD. But, I'm pretty certain that's in the Top 10 List of Reasons to Drop A Friend.

PPS - Which movie should I do next - Lost and Delirous or But I'm A Cheerleader?
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Seeing as how this jackass's jackassery is making the rounds on LJ, I thought I'd pass the news along. Heads up by [ profile] ripley78. PSA copied from [ profile] elke_tanzer, stuff in ( ) from me:

LJ has a feed for the latest images posted publicly here:

Someone has set up a community with an automatic script to scrape off any image that is posted publically that meets LJ icon requirements and post them to that community [ profile] iconscraper (there's also a companion comm for animated icons [ profile] animgifscraper). The posts in the community hotlink the original source of the images.

However, you can opt out your journal, and prevent images you post publically in your journal from being included in [ profile] iconscraper and similar scripts that are scraping from the latest-img LJ feature. You can also protect communities you mod. All you have to do is opt out of the latest-img thing.

Make sure you're logged into LJ as your journal. Go to the Admin Console at and input set latest_optout yes and click on the execute button.

To protect a community, type set for communityname latest_optout yes and click on the execute button. (Although, I'm not sure if you type the word 'for' or leave it out).


Apparently, the opt-out feature does work seeing as how the mod for iconscraper made a post bitching about the reduction in icons caused by people opting out, heh.

I would note that it's not just [ profile] iconscraper that's posting LJ image feeds. I found a number of sites that post just plain old images and I'm not sure if flocking a post keeps images from showing up in the feeds. Either way, I recommend *everyone* opting out of this.. unless you don't wanna.
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I probably shouldn't post icons so soon after discovering some jackass is hotlinking to my last icon post but figured, what the Hell. Besides, I should have been to bed 2 hours ago but didn't because I was too busy making icons! I must continue my mission of iconing every lesbian movie I own come Hell or Hotlinking!!

Today's featured icons are from the movie Bound. Well.. at least the first 20 minutes anyway. Which is all anyone needs to watch to realize this is the Greatest Lesbian Movie EvAh!!!11! What's not to love? An ├╝ber-butchy Gina Gershon and a femme-fatale Jennifer Tilly screwing over the mob.. and each other!! Plus, the girl gets the girl and doesn't die! Squee!

Oh, and some of these could be considered NSFW, so view at your own discretion/caution!!

002 026 005

39 Icons from the first 20 Minutes of Bound )

Also, my feelings towards iconing and crediting is this - I don't require/need commenting and/or crediting for bases, although it is nice. I only ask for comment/credit for animated icons. But, for the love of All Things Naked Gina Gershon, please don't hotlink!
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Since [ profile] elfcat255 has the market cornered on Xena icons, I figured I'd get into the icon making business by iconing every lesbian movie I own. Of course, this could change to iconing every horror movie I own, or every Dina Meyer movie I own.

First up is It's In The Water and for those of you who haven't seen it, here's a synopsis courtesy Wolfe Video:

"When sexy, upper-crust society wife Alex (Keri Jo Chapman) falls for her old high school best friend, Grace (Teresa Garret) the snobby little town of Azalea Springs is up in arms.

Alongside the budding romance, indie filmmaker Kelli Herd brings us a hilarious comic portrait of small-town life and a firm trouncing of homophobic intolerance as the whole town confronts the zany rumor that their water supply is turning everyone gay!"

Uh, yeah. Don't let the synopsis or the 'review' quotes fool you, this movie's not *that* good. I enjoy in the sense that I enjoy the spirit behind it more than the execution because, well, the execution leaves alot to be desired. It's plagued by many elements that hamper low-budget independent movies. I could rip it to shreds but hey, no lesbians die, it has a happy ending where there girl gets the girl and features Keri Jo Chapman making out with a chick in very little clothing! Anyhoo, on to the icons...

006 007 033

33 Icons from a not very good lesbian movie )
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I have a ton of stuff to talk about, such as the premiere of South of Nowhere and Thursday's Grey's. Or the fact that I still have writer's block. But, I seem to have discovered that when I have writer's block I like to make flashy blinky icons. So, here are some flashy blinky icons from Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove. I'm not particularly happy with some of the text on the Cove icons but there's pretty boys kissing and hot Girl-on-Girl action which balances everything out!

001 002 003

Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove Icons )
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I'm expanding my horizons, lol. There are four Grey's icons from the Fray video and all are clips of season three. So, I guess they're considered spoilery. Although there's nothing really spoilery about them. But, just wanted to be safe so they're all under the cut. There's also 5 more Blade goodies, one Charlotte, one Blade, and three Khase icons. There are also two requested icons for Lena H.

1.Girl 2.Down

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch the new season of Dante's Cove. Why didn't anyone TELL me the new season has started, dammit!
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I've come to the conclusion that there are, apparently, not enough blinky-flashy things on the internet because I can't stop making these things! There's more gen, Blade, Shen and Marcus, than subtext. But there's still some subtext. Oh, and Marcus snark.

Subtext Powned Can you hear me now?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to *gasp* go outside. Well, outside long enough to go see a crappy movie!!

PS - Someone requested an icon from me in email. I haven't done it yet and is why I made these to see if it was possible. It's coming just not yet :)
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Okay, three more Blade icons then I seriously have to go to bed.

Holy Shit Icon Chase Strut Krista Icon
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Okay, three more before I have to run off for work. *grumble*stupid work*grumble*

Limo Snarl Icon Chase Icon

I'm not particularly happy with the first Chase icon. I was experimenting with making a more squarish 100x100 icon. I think I prefer the 16x9 look of the other two. I may go back to make the 'Chase' text stay up for a bit longer but that won't be until later tonight. Plus, I still gotta do 'Krista making orgasm pain faces in the shower' icons!!


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