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This is a - drive by/not dead post!! That, and after like a billion seasons on-air, I've become OBSESSED with Criminal Minds. I don't know what took me so long but I guess better late than never, right? So, the idea for this started because of a fic idea where Emily (who's a closet Legend of the Seeker fan) has a thing for dominating blondes in tight red leather, and JJ's totally willing to help her out. Except, I have NO TIME to write fic these days!! Which is a whole other post that may or may not happen. Which snowballed into an idea of doing the entire cast as LotS but since I don't have any time ended up with just Emily and JJ. All of this is just my way of saying a) not dead and b) EMILY AND JJ DO COSPLAY!!

Legend of the Criminal Minds )
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So, I wrote a story, "Murder She Wrote", about Cara Mason as a Private Eye. It was supposed to be a one-shot but my muses attacked my writer's block and there appears to be a longfic in the works. Well, longer than what I usually write anyway. But, I'd rather finish it than post it as a WiP. Either way, Cara as a private dick and Kahlan as a femme fatale of sorts seems to have inspired my Photoshop muses..which have been dormant for *ages*. So.. I present, if I had like a bajillion dollars and owned my own production company where I could make lesbi-tastic film noirs..

Larger pic and an excerpt under the cut )
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Because, really, what the world needs more of are pictures of Cara in a tux looking like she's about to whoop some ass! And.. this may or may not have anything to do with a certain LotS/AU fic I'm about 10,000 words into.

Because no one's here to look at *tiny* pics, I present - THE BIGGER ONE! )
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Because, really, why hasn't there been a sci-fi movie about an exiled (because she keeps losing her virginity) Confessor seeking redemption by finding the ONE TRUE SEEKER (who happens to be a gay porn star)? All with the help of a constantly on the fritz robot wizard and a former Mord'Sith, who also happens to be the Confessor's ex-girlfriend after they broke up because the Mord'Sith slept with the Confessor's sister "C'mon!! It's not like we exchanged names or anything! And this wouldn't have happened if you weren't so embarrassed to introduce me to your family!".

Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You! )

*sigh* Why isn't this movie sitting on my DVD shelf RIGHT NOW!?!
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I guess it was only a matter of time until I made another fake tabloid cover Cara and Kahlan's secret relationship was revealed by the ever intrusive paps! It's been rumored several may.. died by Agiel in attempting to uncover this story!

FOR SALE IN GROCERY SHELVES AND BROTHELS NOW.. Uh, I mean, Large Pic under the cut! )
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*sigh* There was a porn battle and I didn't have the chance to play. Been getting bitch slapped by life lately.. like, a LOT! So, I do what I always do when I can't write and feel like I could go into a depression at any second - I PLAY WITH PHOTOSHOP! I could have sworn there was a prompt in the porn battle for this but, for the life of me, I can't find it.

So, without further ado, I present Inglourious Gleesterds!

Larger Pic Under The Cut )

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Playing around with the 'ol Photoshop again because I wanted to make a companion piece to the Olivia Spencer PI manip I'd made. I got lucky with this one. I was able to find a nice hi-res photo of Joan Bennett, along with an actual hi-res of Jessica Leccia. I'm not 100% happy with the results but I got to the point where all the tweaking was driving me nuts! Anyway, here's Natalia as a noir-ish femme fatale!

Natalia Rivera, Femme Fatale )
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I'd been trying to use my Photoshop-Fu and create an Olivia P.I. graphic to go with my 'City of Angels' fic (and serve as inspiration for the sequel, which I'm saving for IDoF. The damn thing has turned out to be bigger/longer than I *ever* intended). My search for the perfect CC pic was going nowhere (seriously, where *do* you go for high-res pics of CC and/or LJ) when [ profile] jetgirl78 posted the PERFECT picture! Because now I didn't have to photoshop a fedora *and* a trenchcoat.. with hands in pockets action! Thanks for the new kink, [ profile] anomalys! Anyway, here's the result with the bigger version under the cut..

Olivia Spencer, PI )

Anyhoo, I'm off to watch Christian Bale fight robots in the future! Man, why couldn't Sarah Connor have given birth to a girl!?!
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We interrupt your regularly scheduled drabble-a-thon for pretty pictures! Secretly pulled from the heavily guarded vaults of world-reknowned Sappho Inc! Our spies collectors have located rare and vintage art, some of which has been banned in over 100 countries!!

Now you too can gaze in wonder at these most wonderful and Sapphic of items!

More Vintage Femslash Ads, from a world where Vintage Femslash Ads are REAL! )
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Inspired by the vintage Dharma ads, I decided to do a set of my own with a little femslash twist. Well, you know, when I'm not pretending that these are ads I found while rummaging about in the garage! And, sorry dial-uppers, this one's kinda graphics heavy!

Vintage Femslash Ads.. From A World Where Vintage Femslash Ads Were Real! )

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Jesus case, I'd forgotten how long it takes me to make one of these damn things! Or it's just a case of me being so rusty I'd forgotten how to put one together. Either way it's all [ profile] ralst's fault *damn poking stick*. So, without further ado, I present the latest issue of the Femslash Enquirer in which we answer the question - just what *was* on that tape of Olivia's?

Larger pic, of course, under the cut. And who doesn't like to look at larger pics of hot fictional women in trashy tabloid format?

Femslash Enquirer.. See the tape that's shocking Springfield! )
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Okay, okay, these are gonna be the last for awhile a) my mouse is crapping out on me, b) the band is playing a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club tonight and c) after that, I leave for JESUS LAND, aka Texas. Which all equals one *really* long ass day! Which is also why I didn't come up with a synopsis for these last two. Besides, the storylines practically write themselves!!

Lesbians Nuns and Promiscuous Lesbians Under The Cut )

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I'm back with more because, well, it beats going outside in the cold or, worse, working on that damned resume! But this time, rather than movies it's TV shows, or TV shows based on movies only this time with lesbians! Plus, what the Doctor Who fandom needs more is race based wank on who should be the next Doctor!

The REAL Madness Is Under The Cut )

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Yep, I'm back with more posters for imaginary movies! This time its Paget Brewster, lesbian gangs and musical theater! That's right! I bring you - A Clockwork Sappho!

Because What The World Needs Is A Musical About A Dystopian Future With Lesbian Gangs! )

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Ooh, look at me two posts in *one* day. I'm on a roll. Anyway, here's a little something I made for 'Int'l Day of Femslash '09'. Because what the world needs is a movie where Katherine Heigl plays a lesbian Martian named Voluptua, with a diabolical plan to steal Earth's lesbians for the sole purpose of powering her 'orgasmatron ray of death'. Lena Headey plays a Secret Service Agent named Sixty-Nine, and Freema Agyeman plays the only scientist (and quite possibly the last lesbian on earth) who can stop Voluptua's evil plan.

I Now Present 'Mars Needs Lesbians.. and so does EARTH!' )

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Inspired by [ profile] zennie's porntastic TSCC fic and just in time for your season two viewing party. Hopefully, the Sarah Connor model will be complete before you begin your holiday shopping. As you know, we here at Butch in a Box, personally test each model to guarantee the utmost quality you expect from BiaB and our testers, mainly me, have been putting the Sarah model through the ringer!

BiaB Presents - Cameron In A Box )
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I'm not exactly sure where the inspiration for this little bit of cracktastic WMC AU came from. It started with me going - 'you know, when are we gonna get a SW movie about a female Jedi?', to - 'you know who would make a kick-ass Jedi - Lindsay Boxer!'. There may have been something in there about the only way I could write a Lindsay/Cindy fic is to write an AU, with Cindy being a Padawan (assigned to Lindsay because no one could put up with her) and running around calling Lindsay 'Master'. There may have been something in there about Lindsay being a former Jedi who'd been kicked out of The Order for sleeping with a Senator's wife or something. Anyhoo, the SW verse seemed so perfect for a WMC AU, plus, there's just not enough SW femslash. I made a Lindsay Jedi manip but it looked empty and I thought it would be cool if *all* the women were Jedi's. So, here it is - my version of WMC Star Wars Style.

Not Coming Soon To A Theater Near You! )

Now what would I have to do to get someone to *write* this story for me?

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Someday, probably in a couple months, when I'm homeless and posting from the backseat of my car because I was too busy creating fan art instead of working on resumes, I hope ya'll will remember me!!

More IDoF madness. Two smaller fandoms, Painkiller Jane and Bionic Woman, and one more Criminal Minds to add to the collection. I did something a little different and added a bit of color to them. Got the inspiration from Painkiller Jane.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Oooh, is it July 19th Yet? )
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I've been playing around with different styles, mainly using some of the filters I never really bothered with. I wound up coming up with something I'm pretty happy with since it's a look I typically don't do. That and along with the ads for femslashy shows that don't exist, I thought 'why not comic versions of femslashy shows.. that don't exist?'!

With all that mumbo-jumbo out of the way, I now present to you - The Chronicles of Sarah Connor - The Comic, with alternate covers, of course!

The Big Stuff Under The Cut )

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Because this is what I do instead of working on resumes - create fake ads for tv shows.

*sigh* If only there were a place that hired people who's only PhotoShop skills were homoerotic photomanips!! Anyone know of such a place?

Larger versions under the cut )


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