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Okay, this is a little late, had a late-night writing session that didn't want to end.

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Lost )

ETA: It was revealed at the ABC Upfront that, starting next season, Lost would premiere in the fall with eight consecutive episodes. Then, go on hiatus, where in the Spring the remaining episodes would air without interruption. If there was anything killing my interest in this show it was the erratic scheduling that got so bad you had *no idea* if the latest episode was new or not! So, kudos to ABC for that. You still get no biscuit for moving Grey's but baby steps.
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Didn't really watch much tv tonight. Had no interest in One Tree Hill Does Columbine, no Invasion and I seriously wasn't going to watch another goddamn Barbara Walters special.

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Well crap, is it Thursday yet? Beause ABC is rebroadcasting Grey's Lesbian Anatomy and I'm pretty certain I'll find *that* more entertaining than two-thirds of the crap I watched tonight.

Lost..aka The Ep That Makes Me Think It's Time to Drop This Damn Show )

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Spoilers only pertaining to the episide description in TV Guide below:

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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35,174 / 50,000

Wooo, I'm a lean, mean, NaNo writing machine!! Okay, yeah, sure I'm still about 4000 words behind schedule. But, a) that's a 50% reduction of where I was and b) this'll all be over in a week so I'll finally shut the fuck up about it!!

Now, on to bigger and better things. Like - television!!

Lost, aka, I don't give a damn what those TWoP'ers think.. )

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