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Wow, I haven't seen a fandom do a complete 180 and this up in arms over a spoiler since Megan McTavish thought it'd be a really good idea to have Bianca impregnated by her rapist!!

The Spec/Spoiler That's Killing Otalia )

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to catch up on Verbotene Liebe. You know, the soap where the lesbians actually KISS!
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So, what would I have to do to get someone to write me a Guiding Light/Firefly AU for IDoF with Olivia as Mal (because Crystal Chappell as Mal is a Captain TightPants I can get behind.. or, you know, in front of!), Natalia as Simon and Rafe as River? Bonus Points if Rafe's *not* written like a jerk! Extra Bonus Points for a SORAS'ED Emma as Kaylee.

This post has been brought to you by the letter 'G' and the GENDER-REVERSED STAR TREK!!!!! Seriously, if Abrams had been *that* imaginative in his casting for the movie, I would have watched it like the planet's very survival was at stake!! And shipped Kirk/Spock *so* hard!

This post also brought to you by the letter 'P', which stands for procrastination, ie, 'trancer would have finished her resume had she not been suffering from procrastination'.

And this is also brought to you by the number '2', which is the total number of hours I've been fucking around working on my resume!
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Playing around with the 'ol Photoshop again because I wanted to make a companion piece to the Olivia Spencer PI manip I'd made. I got lucky with this one. I was able to find a nice hi-res photo of Joan Bennett, along with an actual hi-res of Jessica Leccia. I'm not 100% happy with the results but I got to the point where all the tweaking was driving me nuts! Anyway, here's Natalia as a noir-ish femme fatale!

Natalia Rivera, Femme Fatale )
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I'd been trying to use my Photoshop-Fu and create an Olivia P.I. graphic to go with my 'City of Angels' fic (and serve as inspiration for the sequel, which I'm saving for IDoF. The damn thing has turned out to be bigger/longer than I *ever* intended). My search for the perfect CC pic was going nowhere (seriously, where *do* you go for high-res pics of CC and/or LJ) when [ profile] jetgirl78 posted the PERFECT picture! Because now I didn't have to photoshop a fedora *and* a trenchcoat.. with hands in pockets action! Thanks for the new kink, [ profile] anomalys! Anyway, here's the result with the bigger version under the cut..

Olivia Spencer, PI )

Anyhoo, I'm off to watch Christian Bale fight robots in the future! Man, why couldn't Sarah Connor have given birth to a girl!?!
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Title: City of Lost Angels
Pairing: Natalia/Olivia
Genre: AU
Rating: R for mild violence, a little bit of swearing and consensual sex between two adult women.
Word Count: 3075
Summary: Private Detective Olivia Spencer has been hired by Alan Spaulding to find one Natalia Rivera. But when Olivia finds Natalia, she gets more than she bargained for.
A/N: I’m not sure if this totally works. I just wanted an Olivia as noir-ish detective and Natalia as her femme (not so quite) fatale.

We all have our Achilles’ heel and mine is standing before me, dripping puddles of water on my kitchen floor and stripping me out of my clothes. )

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Courtesy "Soap Opera Source"..

To which I say What the *fuck*, DUDE!?! )

*sigh* Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to re-watch Pepa shove Silvia against a car and shove her hand down Silvia's pants!!
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Title: Homecoming
Pairing: Natalia/Olivia
Genre: PWP
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: 303
Summary: Olivia‘s been gone too long, Natalia gives her a homecoming.
A/N: written for [ profile] cabenson

Natalia's having none of it.. )
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Ha! Ya'll thought I was done talking about these two, didn't you? Well, too damn bad!

So, is 'secret sandwich seminar' lesbian-ese for 'I want to push you against the stove and do unmentionable things to you with my tongue'? And is peanut-butter and banana sandwich the new lesbian aphrodisiac?

Sooo, in the Disney World brochure (you know, the one everyone and their friggin' brother won't STFU about) is there something in there about sex on the Universal lot because, ewww! I know there are fans of Bill and his child-bride Lizzie, I just don't happen to be one of them.

Dude, Olivia wants to have sex with Natalia somethin' BAD! 'Natalia, here's a brochure to a weekend lesbian get-away.. What do you mean it has the stench of Frank Peen all over it? Goddamnit!! It's not like I'm asking to screw you on the lawn of Universal Studios Park (located in beautiful Orlando, Florida, by the way... it says so right here in the brochure)'.

Heh, I love Natalia's not-so-subtle 'No Olivia, I totally wanna have sex with you too, I just have Frank Peen baggage to get rid of first'. And Olivia's all 'sigh, it'd be so much easier if I could just kill him.. can we go back to the days when I had no scruples whatsoever?'.

As I said to [ profile] anomalys Olivia cleaning is her way of making sure that any surface she and Natalia may potentially have hot monkey sex on is thoroughly clean beforehand. Because Olivia is the BESTEST DAMN GIRLFRIEND EVER!! And totally whipped. And totally wants to have sex with Natalia, while resorting to wiping Natalia's face with a finger then licking the peanut butter off it for 'just a little taste'. Admit it, ya'll thought that shit was hot too!

I have to say, I don't know what they did, but the lighting in that kitchen today looked *gorgeous*!

Whee, Doris the Gay Sensei (tm [ profile] flying_peanuts) strikes again! I love that Doris has minions now! Too bad they're not lesbian minions but minions all the same.

Man, I haven't seen a fight scene choreographed *that* badly since.. well since Edmund hit Shane over the head with a baseball bat!

And, HOORAY!!, Frank finally buys a clue. Okay, sure, it was delivered in the form of a giant clue-by-four called Gay Sensei Minion Beat-Down but it was a clue nonetheless.
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Well, I was spoiled up the ying-yang and I was still blown away by yesterday's show. This episode reminded me why I used to watch soaps in the first place.

Guiding Light, or as I like to call it - Can We Go Back To When You Two Were Just Eye-Sexing Each Other? )
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I'll start with Chuck since I know most of ya'll aren't watching anyway and can just skip to the part where I talk about GL. But, *dude*, Chuck made me all face-stabby last night! Don't you wanna read the rant?

Chuck 2x21: Chuck versus the First Kill, or as I like to call it - How Many Times Can Chuck Commit Treason Before He's Actually Locked Up? )

Guiding Light, or as I like to call it - How Many Times Can Olivia's Heart Break In One Episode? )
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Typically, I avoid spoilers like the plague. I still can't believe I remained completely spoiler free for the BSG finale (let alone *all* of BSG), or Sarah Connor. And yet.. when it comes to soaps, I'm a total spoiler whore! So I've been scouring the net looking for any and *all* Guiding Light spoilers because, well, because this week kinda sucked! I'll put everything under the cut but I'll just say this, if you're watching DO NOT MISS NEXT WEEK!!

Is It Monday Yet? )
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Gah! Almost went to sleep before talking about today's (Thur) episode of our favorite 'Lesbians In Love' storyline!

Or, As I Like To Call It - The Engagement Party FROM HELL!! )

Sadly, it looks like there's no Otalia for tomorrow. It'd be interesting to see the daily ratings for GL and if there's a significant dip when there's no Otalia.

And yes, I really do need an Olivia/Natalia icon *sigh*
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*cough.. splutter* JESUS CASE!! I think I just broke my vcr (yes, that's right, I still live in the stone ages with my no DVR-owning self). And here I was thinking Olivia was the Queen of the patented 'Looks of Suppressed Desire and Aching Yearning' but Natalia killed me ded!

For the love of.. would someone please MAKE THEM MAKE OUT!!


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