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Title: This Is Not A Love Song
Fandom: crossover Blade: The Series/Demons
Pairing: Chase/Mina
Genre: PWP
Rating: R for vampire sex between consenting women
Word Count: 1325
Summary: Time doesn’t heal all wounds.
A/N: Written for the [ profile] cross_my_heart Anti-Valentine‘s Day challenge.

In her heyday, Mina was more sadistic than Frederick could have ever imagined. )

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Title: Ground Zero - Detroit 1:19am
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: NC-17 for kink!sex between two lesbian vampires.. or two female vampires having lesbian sex, take your pick.
Word Count: 1764
Challenge: Part of [ profile] ralst's 'Ground Zero' series and part of the ‘Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies’ challenge.
Summary: Krista can’t fight the zombie horde alone. Chase makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Did it ever occur to you what would happen if ALL the dead guys ate ALL the living guys? You do want to eat again, don‘t you? )
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[ profile] ralst is having a multifandom 24 Hour Challenge over at [ profile] passion_perfect. Which everyone should participate in because it's not based on when the prompts were posted but when you *read* them. I couldn't pass on an opportunity to write a Blade fic, especially with a prompt such as "Chase plans to kill Marcus". I mean, it's like the thing totally wrote itself!!

Title: The Offer
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: R for PWP
Word Count: 1951
Summary: Chase pays a visit to Krista‘s room and has an offer Krista can‘t quite refuse.

Follow the fake for the goodies!
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Title: Betrayal
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: R, for vampire blood play and mild violence.
Word Count: 1456
Archive: Passion & Perfection
Summary: Post Series Finale, Chase has the opportunity for retribution against Krista.

Chase had been a fool for wanting her even when she knew she shouldn‘t )

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Title: Humpty Dumpty
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: R
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: 1257
Summary: When Chase is severely wounded by Blade, it‘s Krista who tends to her wounds. And Chase finds out how far Krista will go to make Chase better.
A/N: This little ditty was inspired by a conversation with [ profile] fembuck so, ya’ll can blame her.

Blade had done a number on her. She could feel the bullets still rattling around her insides. )
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Title: Girl Talk
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and R
Word Count: 1861
Summary: Added scene to episode three, 'Death Goes On'. Before Krista's 'dinner date' with Marcus, Chase pays her a visit.

Krista swallowed hard, tried to suppress the wild beating of her heart as Chase continued to smell her like prey )
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Title: Blood Sport
Fandom: Blade the Series
Pairing: Chase/Krista
Rating: R for vampire violence and sex between women.
Word Count: 1474
Summary: Krista can‘t fight what she is, or what she wants and in a moment of weakness, gives in to both.

Blood, blood everywhere and not a drop to drink )


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