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Oh man, I'd meant to post this *ages* ago and am just now finding the time. I mean, I have this LONG list in my 'to read' file and am barely scratching the surface. (I made an EXCEL SHEET, people!) And my list just keeps getting longer.. thanks to AO3's 'mark to read later' feature. Anyway, my standard disclaimer when doing rec type stuff is this - I don't claim to be an expert on writing. What's written below is merely a list of stuff I've read and my thoughts on them. Nothing more, nothing less. So, with that said, here we go...

Stuff I've Read - Criminal Minds, Glee, Dollhouse, Highlander, Warehouse 13, and the mother of all crossovers involving Castle, Fringe and WH13! )

Oh, and if anyone has any recs I'd love to have them. Admittedly, I have a *very* long to read list but there's nothing wrong with adding more!
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Woo-hoo!! I'm back from vacation which, I think, only five of you knew about beforehand. This trip also included me and my mom going on another cruise, which turned into one of the *strangest* cruises I've ever been on and that's BEFORE some idiot thought it would be really cool to JUMP OFF THE BOAT!! I am not kidding about that one. A bit of trauma I don't ever want to go through again, but I did finally get to go to Jamaica *and* I swam with stingrays!!

Anyway, before I left, I finally scraped up enough cash to buy an e-book reader which I quickly loaded up with lesbian porn fan fic. This time around, I concentrated on some of the longfics I have bookmarked. As always, I don't consider myself like some expert of fiction, this is just a collection of my thoughts and while I would rec all the fics listed below, I liked some more than others.

Stuff I Read - Long Fic Edition: Supernatural, Murder In Suburbia, Sanctuary, Legend of the Seeker (x4), Rizzoli & Isles (x2), Warehouse 13 (x2) and Xena )

Sadly, and surprising for me, there was no Glee, Gossip Girl or RPF on my 'vacation to read' list. But, now that I finally have an e-book reader, I can read all the lesbian pron I want while on the bus to work!
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Okay, wow, it's really been a long time since I've done one of these. This is just some stuff I've read and my thoughts if you're interested in something to read. I ~hope~ to do more of these with a bit more frequency since my Diigo bookmarks are becoming a bit unwieldy but, sigh, I really wish I knew what the hell happened to all my free time!!

Stuff I've Read - Legend of the Seeker, Glee, Fringe, Lost Girl and Merlin )

Oh, and if you read and like the fics don't forget to leave some love to the authors!


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