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I figured it was time I put up or shut up and posted something of the albatross hanging around my neck for the month.

A Brief History )

Chapter 13: Little Black Dress )
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35,174 / 50,000

Wooo, I'm a lean, mean, NaNo writing machine!! Okay, yeah, sure I'm still about 4000 words behind schedule. But, a) that's a 50% reduction of where I was and b) this'll all be over in a week so I'll finally shut the fuck up about it!!

Now, on to bigger and better things. Like - television!!

Lost, aka, I don't give a damn what those TWoP'ers think.. )

Invasion )
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
25,005 / 50,000

Whoo!! 25,000 down, 25,000 to go. I'm still about 8,000 words/5 days behind where I want to be. But, I've gone past the 'wtf have I gotten myself into?' stage and am actually starting to believe that I can finish the damn thing. Even better, my Main Character's gotten laid, twice already!!! And, by the end of the next chapter, will have had sex with another character and have gotten to second base with her incestuous cousin. It all makes sense once you understand their Flowers in the Attic-esque childhood. Still haven't figured out who the MC's OTP will be, or when the sex with a stripper in the backroom will happen. But, who cares? I made 25,000!!
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The good news is - I'm up to 16,000 words. The bad news - I'm woefully behind, by about 9,000 words, and going into that depressive stage where I feel I'll never catch up and should just stop while I'm ahead.

Plus, it's kinda depressing when you're writing a story about a lesbian detective and the character she has the most UST/chemistry with is the creepy incestuous cousin who wants nothing more than to get into her pants. But, on the good news front, my detective's already gotten laid by sleeping with the client who's case may or may not have something to do with the murder of the detective's father.
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I just hit the 10k mark!! And only 40,000 more to go. Tomorrow's going to suck 'cuz I'm in for a full 8 at work, but I hope to get another 2k tonight. Wouldn't say I'm on a roll but I finally have an idea where the Hell this story is going.

10,000 words and I *still* haven't written any smut. What the Hell is wrong with me?


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