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Suh-WEET!! It's a two-for-one deal, a fic for IDoF *and* another fill for my Cliche Bingo Card!!

Title: Time In A Bottle by AO3 icon trancer
Fandom: Sanctuary
Pairing: Helen Magnus/Jane Druitt
Rating: Mature for consensual sex between two adult women.
Spoilers: General spoilers for all seasons
Word Count: 11622
Warnings: Genderswap, violence and some graphic imagery
Summary: Always-a-girl genderswap. Helen doesn’t want Jane Druitt. But, she needs her, for reasons that aren’t as simplistic as Helen would like them to be.
A/N #1: In this story, Ashley doesn’t die/disappear. Also, in my mind's eye, Jane Druitt would totally be played by Peta Wilson!!
A/N #2: For my Summer of Cliches Bingo card; prompt - #18 Genderswap

"Helen could think of a thousand reasons not to be here, a thousand reasons why she *shouldn’t* be here. Yet, here she was, standing across from the person she hated, the person she used to love with every fiber of her being."
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Title: Summer’s Like Vegas
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Naomi ‘Puck’ Puckerman, mentions of Quinn/Finn, Quinn/Rachel, Puck/Lauren
Rating: Mature
Warnings: ‘Always a girl’ genderswap
Spoilers: Up to the season two finale.
Word Count: 5107
Summary: It's summer. Quinn's single, worse, she's alone. And the last person she wants to spend time with is one Naomi 'Puck' Puckerman.
Disclaimer: "Glee," the characters, and situations depicted are the property of Ryan Murphy Productions, and 20th Century Fox Entertainment.
A/N: An 'always a girl' genderswap fic that was inspired by this genius genderswap post by faberry-kum on tumbler!. Oh, and this fic by [profile] kben, which kinda got the hole ball rolling. I mean, Mila Kunis as Puck.. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!

"Wanna fuck?"
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Title: All of Me
Fandom: Merlin-TV
Pairing: boy!Morgana/Gwen, boy!Morgana/Nimueh, Morgana/Gwen
Genre: PWP, Genderswap, uh, crackfic I guess?
Rating: R for consensual sex between two women where one of the women is trapped in a man’s body. Boy was that weird typing out!
Word Count: 4971
Summary: Morgana walked into the forest a girl, and walked out a boy. And with every curse, there’s always a price for the cure.
A/N: This started out as a fluffy PWP then the angst kinda worked its way in there.
SPOILERS: This is a post 1x13 fic with a few minor re-workings of the tv canon and a tiny spoiler for 1x12.

She’d heard it referred to as a flower but it looked like no flower Morgana had ever laid eyes upon. )


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