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I just don't understand. How can I *love* a show soo unequivocably *bad*. This one was the best one yet. And by best I mean it's still awful. But there was an actual plot. Scenes moved and stuff actually happened... in between the gratuitous man-on-man humping and naked penii. I swear the season two box set is totally going to be stamped with a sticker reading "Deleted Scenes Too Hot For Pay-Per-View!!".

Dante's Cove 2x05, aka, the One Where Everybody Makes Out Except The Couples People Actually Want/Paid To See! )

Oh, unless someone beats me to the punch, I should have the ep for download tomorrow. Because, really, I know how much you all *love* Dante's Cove as much as I do.
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Yes, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Anyhoo, was playing around with photoshop and made a bunch of icon bases. These are all pics from the official site and some of them may be considered spoilers. In the case that's there's a plot element in Dante's Cove that would be a surprise to *anyone*!

002 020 011

36 Bases Under the Cut )

I'd just like to say how much of a godsend [ profile] angelamaria's icon generator code is!! It saves lazy people like me oodles of time and just makes life that much easier!

And, these are all free for the taking!
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I have a ton of stuff to talk about, such as the premiere of South of Nowhere and Thursday's Grey's. Or the fact that I still have writer's block. But, I seem to have discovered that when I have writer's block I like to make flashy blinky icons. So, here are some flashy blinky icons from Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove. I'm not particularly happy with some of the text on the Cove icons but there's pretty boys kissing and hot Girl-on-Girl action which balances everything out!

001 002 003

Grey's Anatomy and Dante's Cove Icons )
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I know ya'll have been looking forward to this as much as I have. And damn if that show wasn't up at midnight last night! I can honestly say part two was actually better but I'm not sure if I mean that in a better=good way. Still lots more happy homo-humpin', but the girls seriously get short changed this ep. If only Van would be soo much hotter if she'd stop slathering on the makeup with a trowel!!

I'm puzzled to have learned that this is actually the last ep of the series, or mini-series if you prefer. Because, it was seriously open-ended and definitely deserves a sequel. Anyhoo, I'll stop rambling because I know what ya'll are here for. As usual, I broke this into two parts. Part two should be up later tonight or tomorrow. I know there's been some sort of word-of-mouth. Hopefully it means good things for both DC and heretv. Like, enough good news to create a lesbian version of Dante's Cove!!

Dante's Cove: Episode 2, part 1

Dante's Cove: Episode 2, part 2
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Here's an update. I'd hoped to have more done today but a) was being a whiny little uncooperative bitch and b) I got called in to work. Here's episodes one and two of Season 2 Bad girls -

Episode One: Bad Girls, Episode One

Episode Two:Bad Girls, Episode Two

Episode Three: Bad Girls, Episode Three

Episode Four: Bad Girls Ep 4. Uploaded to

Episode Five: Bad Girls Ep 5. Uploaded to

Episode Six: Bad Girls Ep 6. Uploaded to

Episode Seven: Bad Girls Ep 7. Uploaded to

Episode Eight: Bad Girls Ep 8. Uploaded to

Episode Nine: Bad Girls Ep 9. Uploaded to

Episode Ten: Bad Girls Ep 10. Uploaded to

Episode Eleven: Bad Girls Ep 11. Uploaded to

Episode Twelve: Bad Girls Ep 12. Uploaded to

Episode Thirteen: "Oh What A Night!". Uploaded to

And here's the first half of Dante's Cove which I wound up breaking into two parts. Hopefully, I'll have part two up tomorrow. Dante's Cove, Pt. One

New File!! Dante's Cove, Part Two

This segment is on MegaUpload. You have to wait 45 seconds so they can blitz you with ads. But, I'm hoping it'll be the better of the two compared to YSI.

Once I'm done with Season Two of Bad Girls, I'll go back and start on season one. Since it's airing on BBCAmerica, I'm just gonna assume it'll be hacked to Hell for commercials. After that, I'll get to Season Three.

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Please tell me I'm *not* the only one on my flist that gets heretv? Doesn't matter. Once I get done uploading a couple Bad Girls eps for lost, I'm soo digitizing this crap and sharing it with the world. Ever since I found about about Dante's Cove and the fact that I get heretv, I've been dying to watch this show. A supernatural thriller located at a hotel filled with nothin' but gays!?! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

Dante's Cove is good. And when I say good, I mean so mindnumbingly awful it goes from bad to good and back to bad again. Dante's Cove is what happens when you take 17 parts softcore gay porn, 12 parts tweener fic so bad it would get rejected at and one crackhead writer who flunked out of film school.

Okay sure, if it wasn't for the swear words, full frontal male nudity and extended homo humpin'.. )


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