Oct. 2nd, 2011

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Woo-hoo!! I'm back from vacation which, I think, only five of you knew about beforehand. This trip also included me and my mom going on another cruise, which turned into one of the *strangest* cruises I've ever been on and that's BEFORE some idiot thought it would be really cool to JUMP OFF THE BOAT!! I am not kidding about that one. A bit of trauma I don't ever want to go through again, but I did finally get to go to Jamaica *and* I swam with stingrays!!

Anyway, before I left, I finally scraped up enough cash to buy an e-book reader which I quickly loaded up with lesbian porn fan fic. This time around, I concentrated on some of the longfics I have bookmarked. As always, I don't consider myself like some expert of fiction, this is just a collection of my thoughts and while I would rec all the fics listed below, I liked some more than others.

Stuff I Read - Long Fic Edition: Supernatural, Murder In Suburbia, Sanctuary, Legend of the Seeker (x4), Rizzoli & Isles (x2), Warehouse 13 (x2) and Xena )

Sadly, and surprising for me, there was no Glee, Gossip Girl or RPF on my 'vacation to read' list. But, now that I finally have an e-book reader, I can read all the lesbian pron I want while on the bus to work!


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