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Just back from vacation (yay! Jamaica) and, at the beginning of the trip, I was all excited because I'd downloaded a bunch of fic to read during my trip. (I'll be posting a review of the *good* fics I read a bit later). And, you know how when you're reading something and you reach that point where you *know* this is bad and it's not going to get any better but you keep reading anyway.. because you're a masochist who can't stop once they've started reading. I had one of those fics, and it wasn't just bad. Had I been videotaping myself, there'd be a video on YouTube of me going into a full on rage. I won't name the fic, fandom or the author because, well, what I have to say isn't very nice and this is more me getting something off my chest. But, if you've read it, it should be pretty obvious.

This isn't an anti-rec, this isn't 'some 'ol bullshit', this is a straight up FUCK YOU! So FUCK YOU for thinking that little 'Rape/Non-Con'* tag on AO3 is an effective enough warning for one half of your pairing getting assualted and raped.. at the BEGINNING of the story. FUCK YOU for having the same character get raped AGAIN at the end of the story. Rape is not foreplay people. FUCK YOU for the OOC characterizations, the endless and inane conversations that add nothing to the story, the lack of a modicum of research regarding these characters professions (a character gets abducted and the rest of the characters, let alone the lead character's GIRLFRIEND, go back to the hotel for a little shut eye, really, REALLY!?!). FUCK YOU for constantly referring to one character as 'the older woman' or the constant stream of 'chocolate orbs' and 'cerulean/sapphire blues'. Seriously, sapphire and cerulaean? NOT THE SAME GODDAMNED COLOR. FUCK YOU for the flat storytelling, dull curtain fic scenes, pedestrian plotting. FUCK YOU for making the villain so goddamned obvious the 'heroes' look like morons for not figuring it out in, like, two seconds. But, more than anything, FUCK YOU for having a character not only get raped but RAPED TWICED in the same goddamned fic, and FUCK YOU for not using the 80000 plus words to let her find some fucking AGENCY, basically reducing her to a damsel in distress, and a FUCK YOU to reducing her girlfriend to a walking hormone that falls apart at the first sign of distress. Jesus Christ, do you even WATCH the show!?! The only reason I didn't throw this piece of shit across the room is because I didn't want to break my e-reader. Needless to say, I will be avoiding any and everything else by this author with a ten-foot pole.

*I have nothing against the use of rape in fic, which is another conversation all together. I just reserve the right to bitch about it when it's done wrong. And, boy howdy, this fic gets it wrong on *every* level.
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