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Woo-hoo!! I'm back from vacation which, I think, only five of you knew about beforehand. This trip also included me and my mom going on another cruise, which turned into one of the *strangest* cruises I've ever been on and that's BEFORE some idiot thought it would be really cool to JUMP OFF THE BOAT!! I am not kidding about that one. A bit of trauma I don't ever want to go through again, but I did finally get to go to Jamaica *and* I swam with stingrays!!

Anyway, before I left, I finally scraped up enough cash to buy an e-book reader which I quickly loaded up with lesbian porn fan fic. This time around, I concentrated on some of the longfics I have bookmarked. As always, I don't consider myself like some expert of fiction, this is just a collection of my thoughts and while I would rec all the fics listed below, I liked some more than others.

1. "Holy Clockwork Angels" by Ghostrunner, Supernatural, Jo/Ruby - Mature, 16151 - I.. um.. DAYUM!! Like, seriously, DA-YUM that was good!! Like, I know it's a Supernatural AU but it's so different, so unique, it really feels like an original fic al together. AND IT'S STEAMPUNK!! I mean, I love steampunk but I don't read a lot of it because, imo, too many authors get caught up in the aesthetics that tends to bog the story down with unnecessary window dressing, here, everything is pitch perfect. And while it's barely over 16k in words, there's so much depth to the world building, I wanted to like pitch a tent and live there forever. Heh, if Supernatural were *this* story, I wouldn't have bailed mid season two.

2. "A Slight Obfuscation of the Truth" by Harper-m, Murder In Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs - Mature, 25000 - I should probably admit upfront that I'm a bit of a Harper-m fangirl and, like, she can totally do no wrong in my eyes. So it shouldn't be a surprise to say that I loved this fic. Scribbs proposes a 'friend's with benefits' relationship to Ash, Ash accepts and, on its own, it'd be a really fantastic idea. Here, it's explored even further. What starts as a series of sexual encounters between two friends/colleagues becomes something deeper. And it's done in that way where it feels like this totally could have been an episode of 'Murder in Suburbia' if you know the show either survived or the PTB were willing to go there. The characterization here is just so spot on, particularly with Ash as the two make their way through this relationship and Ash realizes she may feel more for Scribbs than what she considers proper between two co-workers.

3. "The Story Needed Mending" by Mad Maudlin, Sanctuary, Kate/Ashley - Not Rated, 18338 - Yay!! Of course, I will always say 'Yay!' to any fic that gives me Ashley/Kate. Particularly a long one. I'm not sure when I became such a big Kate fan but I think it's because of fic's like these that give the character a depth that is too often lacking on the show. I like the separate POV's in this fic, how it's told in both a straight forward narrative and that of a fairy tale. I do wish there'd been just a teensy bit more of the relationship dynamic between Kate and Ashley since, for most of the fic, Ashley really doesn't have a voice and mostly a presence around Kate because, at times, I think there's a bit too much subtlety at play.

4. "Asunder" by thegirl20 and faithinthepoor, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan - Mature, 36000 - [Trigger Warning for non-con/dub-con] I don't know. I wished I'd liked this one a bit more but I'm not really a fan of 'Kahlan In Peril' storylines, particularly ones in which the character is so passive in regards to her own rescue. I liked the 'Cara as Torn' aspects, particularly emotional Cara as the woobiest woobie that ever woobied!

5. "When Maura Isles Made It Rain" by Harper-m, Rizzoli & Isles, Rizzoli/Isles - Mature, 30345 - Complete and total thumbs up. Highest recommendation possible. More than anything, what I love about this is that it's a 'first time' story told (mostly) from the POV of Maura. Honestly, I could gush for days about how Maura's portrayal is soo organic, when I feel like sometimes the show leans a little heavily on the 'quirky' aspects of the character. The characterization is just soo spot on, the fic at times honestly feels like it could be an episode. Heh, especially the whole 'Jane poses as a stripper', I mean, really, I find it more outlandish that this plotline *hasn't* happened yet. Seriously, if the show were to do a 'Jane poses as a stripper', I'd be sorely disappointed if it doesn't happen exactly as it does in this fic!

6. "A Gentleman's Dilemma" by Anamatics, Rizzoli & Isles, Rizzoli/Isles - Mature, 16709 - Wow.. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how much I LURVE this fic. I know it might not be for everyone but, you know, what is? It also reminds me of one of the things I love about fan fic, taking characters and putting them in different situations and still have them be the same characters as portrayed onscreen. This Jane Rizzoli is, when the audience is introduced, a person who's questioning her identity. And what I really like is how it's not just about gender/sexuality, it's also about Jane questioning herself as a cop, a daughter, a sister, and how everything kind of blurs together. She meets Maura, and through a series of encounters where the two grow closer, Jane comes closer to finding herself. It doesn't all end neatly with a nice little bow, but Jane's closer to both accepting and, more importantly, liking the person she is. I do wish there'd been a few more scenes with Jane and Maura, I'm not sure if I feel as if the ending is a wee bit forced or if I just wanted more interaction between the two as they negotiate their way through this winding, weaving path towards each other. Because, as much as I liked Jane's characterization, I also liked how Maura is portrayed here. How it's not just about Jane finding herself but, in some ways, Maura finding her own identity through Jane.

7. "Lady I Will Touch You With My Mind" by Corchen, Warehouse 13, Myka/HG - Mature, 18567 - While I love the premise, I mean, who doesn't love 'forced marriage' stories, I have to admit this story left me a little cold. Mainly because it felt like a lot of the first half, a series of scenes told from both character's POV's, was a bit too much telling and not showing without ever really delving any deeper into the characters than 'I like her, does she like me?' type thought processes. The premise is intriguing, an artifact that physically projects the thoughts of someone onto their object of affection. The story is presented as a case file, but never really goes deeper. I guess I just would have liked to have seen a bit more of Helena and Myka's reaction to the case as they sort their way through their feelings for one another. I mean, the story (imo) is at its best when it finally gets to the sex scene because there's a bit more emotional depth in the scene than in everything it took to get there.

8. "22 Hours, 19 Minutes Repeated" by Cdybedahl, Warehouse 13, Myka/HG - Mature, 11749 - This story may or may not have made me a little misty-eyed. But you'll never get me to admit it in public!! I mean, it takes serious balls to kill of not one but BOTH of the characters in a pairing but, seriously, that shouldn't deter anyone from reading. While the story isn't tragic, per se, it is bittersweet, with a sort of hopeful melancholy ringing through out. I mean, I seriously thought that Helena would both 'get her girl' and change the course of history so there's a 'happier' ending. But, I liked that it's not exactly a 'happy ending' that both is and isn't. And I don't want to say anymore because then I'll give away the ending!!

9. "Is There A Doctor On The Dig" by Bat Morda, Xena, Xena/Gabrielle - Mature, 49567 - [Trigger Warning for references to past rape] I almost feel like my Xena fan membership will be taken away once I admit I've never read this classic fic before. Admittedly, of all the fics I read (for this rec list) I found this one the most disappointing. It's two stories, really – a first time fic involving Janice and Mel, as well as a series of narratives told from Xena's POV. When the story is focused on Xena and her thoughts, I really liked it. It's the Mel/Janice story that, ultimately, left me cold. The Mel/Janice story is told in a manner that's all external, there's very little characterization. I didn't know any more about either character at the end of the story as I did at the beginning. There's no real character arcs for either character other than the 'first time' aspect. There's no depth given to either character. Also the narrative is pretty straight forward and is missing, imo, some of the homage aspects that made 'The Xena Scrolls' so much fun. But, what I found a huge disappointment was the insertion of 'rape as plot point'. Like, I know this was written before f-preg became popular/common but I still found the usage here both casual and lazy story telling. There were 101 different ways for Gabrielle to have a child, having her raped by Perdicus' brother and in the passive manner it occurred, I don't know, I just found it lazy story telling and incredibly off-putting. As much as I liked the Xena portions of the story, I wish they were a bit more integrated into the Mel/Janice plot which I think would have made that better. Instead, it feels like two stories mashed into one, with one being far superior than the other.

10. "Primary" by Seven-3-Oh, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan - Mature, 128355 - Epic fic is EPIC!! While this is a sequel to previous short fic I don't think it's necessary to have read both beforehand. This is a first time fic, but it's so much more than that..heh, obvious by the whopper of a word count. What I like most about this story is that it's mostly a Kahlan story and, imo, treats Kahlan's character in a way the show and book canon kind of sorta side-stepped for the ship. How the plot is basically the giant weight that's been placed on Kahlan's shoulders as not only the last Confessor but the last Mother Confessor. It's not very actiony, but it really doesn't need to be. I'm not a big fan of politics, but the politics here feel both organic and necessary. There's also the romance between Kahlan and Cara, and everything is about how the two navigate their way towards each other. If I have a criticism of the story and, on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be somewhere around a 2, it's in the characterization of Richard. Considering the plot revolving around the characters, there's so little of Richard's character, he feels more like a plot point/obstacle and I would have liked a little more depth to him. I mean, I know Richard is on occasion not the shaprest pencil in the box but here he does something so phenomenally stupid I would have liked a little more of his POV to both understand why he got to that point and a bit more of him afterwards.While I know this story is about Kahlan and Cara conquering both their inner and outer demons to become closer to one another, I just could not see Richard, after having done what he does and knowing the consequences, so easily leaving Kahlan to her fate. The same also goes for Zedd. I found some of his reactions a little too.. callous, considering how much of a Richard//Kahlan fangirl he is in the series. Another minor criticism is the final third that deals with the arrival of a villain, which, imo feels a little bit rushed in comparison to the slooow buildup to get there. And I don't know if I'd feel differently had I read this as a WiP instead of as one *giant* read.

11. "Pieces Form A Whole" by Sos10, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan - Mature, 71632 - Dude!! *Hurley Voice* Dooooodd!! Like, I don't even know where to start with this fic. Like, Epic Fic Is Epic. An AU twist to the events in 'Torn' with both Richard and Zedd dying. As mentioned in the notes, it's not about Kahlan angsting over Richard's death. Well, okay, Kahlan does angst over Richard's death which I would expect the character to since Richard was such a large part of Kahlan's life, but it's so much more than that and that's what I really liked. Both Kahlan and Cara's grief is also about finding their place in a world where their 'assumed' roles have been stripped of them, Kahlan loses her Confessor powers and Cara, with the death of Richard, loses her powers as a Mord'Sith. So, here you have these two characters mourning for what was, grieving together and separately, all while trying to find their place in the world. And, since this is femslash, the two become closer in the process. And it's all slow build style, everything feels organic and never forced. While this is definitely a Kahlan story, Cara's characterization is always present. As Kahlan's power grows, Cara grows along side her as an equal. I'll try not to spoil too much but one of the things I really liked was the resolution to the 'epic battle' and how it's not hate and violence that ends things but words and, well, love. As much as Kahlan is a warrior, I liked this portrayal of her using her mind to stop the endless bloodshed. The story is like one of those sweeping grand and epic romances that's both epic and intimate *because* it's about two people finding their way to each other through grief and suffering, so as much as I loved the happy ending I was also kinda sad that it had to end.

12. "No Fate But What We Make" by Ivanolix, Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan - Mature, 87835 - *sigh* You guys.. YOU GUUUUIIISSSEE!! This may turn into a bit of word vomit since I loved it so much. It's (another) AU, this time it's a twist on 'Unbroken'. And, honestly, as much as I loved LotS as is, had this been the show? I.. *dies*!! Richard's dead, Kahlan's pregnant and a non Mord'Sith Cara is named the new Seeker and it's all about Kahlan and Cara searching for the Stone of Tears. Along the way, they pick up a witch, Shota, and a Mord'Sith, Denna, completing the quad. But this isn't, like, a genderbent LotS (not that that would be a bad thing). It's about these powerful women finding their way and becoming heroes in their own ways. What I really liked most was how it dealt with both motherhood and pregnancy, and how these aspects weren't portrayed as 'weaknesses'. When Cara's children join the journey, it's out of necessity and while the kids are in some ways a liability, it's never in the negative (and, honestly, I don't really know how to explain it more than that). While I do think more could have been done with Shota's character, I loved the addition of Denna. She's not Cara ver. 2.0. Denna, while a Mord'Sith, is written with her own motivations, her own arc in which the character changes in ways Denna never could have foreseen. But, this fic is mostly about Cara and Kahlan. I liked that the Cara here is both familiar and new, how both her past and her insecurities shape the woman as she transitions into both Seeker and Kahlan's partner. And mother, the story never lets you forget that Cara is a mother, and I mean this in a good way. And then there's Kahlan, and here's another fic in which, ultimately, Kahlan winds up as the ruler of D'Hara. Which, I don't know, I guess I have a kink for or something. Anyway, it's one of those fics that's epic and grand but also intimately personal and if I can't have this LotS as a show, I may just try and find a way to, like, gay marry it or something.

Sadly, and surprising for me, there was no Glee, Gossip Girl or RPF on my 'vacation to read' list. But, now that I finally have an e-book reader, I can read all the lesbian pron I want while on the bus to work!
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