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Okay, wow, it's really been a long time since I've done one of these. This is just some stuff I've read and my thoughts if you're interested in something to read. I ~hope~ to do more of these with a bit more frequency since my Diigo bookmarks are becoming a bit unwieldy but, sigh, I really wish I knew what the hell happened to all my free time!!

- "The Reason Is Everything" by sos10, LotS - Cara/Kahlan 6,419k.
Because it's porn and I'm nothing if not a big 'ol perv. Heh, but seriously, the reason this works (for me) and why it's so good is because it's more than just sex. It's a series of sexual encounters between Cara and Kahlan, and through each encounter, we see how each of them is changing, until it all comes to a boil and the two can no longer deny what's happening between them. Like, I *loved* that Cara puts a stop to their affair because she believes that she's broken Kahlan. How, at any other point in her life, the idea of breaking a Confessor would have thrilled Cara but here the very thought that she's broken Kahlan breaks Cara.

"This Is Not (A Love Song)" - by the memories fire, Glee - Quinn/Rachel 4907k.
Quinn as serial killer. This fic is dark and twisted and.. unsettling, but in a good way. Quinn, at a very young age, is broken and adopted by the Berry's. But Rachel is broken as well (and I loved the almost off the cuff reference that Rachel was adopted). They are two broken creatures, in a twisted relationship of control because, in the end, all they have is each other. While the two eventually start a sexual relationship, there is no sex in this story and I like that the author doesn't romanticize the relationship. Which, strangely enough, kinda makes it more romantic? Oh, and if you have certain squicks regarding animal abuse, HEED THE WARNING! There's nothing graphic but it's there.

"When We've Been Here A Thousand Years" - by blahnicity, Fringe - Astrid/Olivia, 3240k.
This is an amazing fic, because it takes a character so underused, gives her depth and purpose so lacking onscreen. It's a series of moments, of things that did and did not happen (but should have) onscreen, all from Astrid's POV. That it ends as Astrid/Olivia? Total bonus!

"Regret It In The Morning" by scurvyknavery, Lost Girl - Bo/Lauren, 2633k.
Bo's mouth is insistent, almost obscene, as her tongue licks into Lauren's mouth and she tugs at Lauren, trying to get her closer still. Really, what am I supposed to say with line's like *that*? Okay, first off, there just isn't enough Lost Girl fic in the world! What I really like about this, aside from the scorching hot sex in a strip club bathroom, is Lauren's awkward relatability. She wants something she can't have and even when it's in the palm of her hand, literally, it's still not hers.

- "We Will Be" by impertinence, Merlin, Morgana/Gwen 13838k
This is one of those fics that reminds me why I ever fell in love with the show Merlin to begin with. While it's completely worthwhile, it's not an easy read, particularly the first half. The show has always skated around its 'class issues' in regards to the various 'master/servant' relationships, with Arthur and Merlin, it's always played for laughs. With Gwen and MOrgan, there's always been a bit more of an edge to it. I was a bit uncomfortable, to the point where I almost stopped reading, with the way the relationship between Morgana and Gwen is initially portrayed (mainly because, too often in fics the classist power dynamics are unconscious and never touched upon). Here, it's intentional. Morgana keeps Gwen at arms length, she can sometimes be cruel, using her status as the king's ward to be dismissive of Gwen. As the story progresses, Morgana's 'need' for Gwen becomes greater. Not just a romantic need, Morgana needs Gwen to be her equal, to want something more than being a servant or Morgana's lover. While this is from Morgana's POV, I also liked the characterization of Gwen here, just like Morgana, she's completely capable of putting Morgana at arm's length. And, as Morgana's desires and needs grow, Gwen is hesitant, both not and because of her status as servant. It's one thing to dream, it's something completely else to verbalize those dreams, in particular, to someone of nobility. Gwen is always aware of that divisive line between them.

What appeals to me most about Morgana/Gwen fics is the air of tragedy around them. While this isn't a tragic story, that element is there. How these two, eventually though not in this story, get what they want, just not in the manner either expected.

Oh, and if you read and like the fics don't forget to leave some love to the authors!
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