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Since LJ is acting all wonky, I figured it was time to repost this here!

I, since I live under a rock, seem to have missed this fandom Bingo thingie all the cool kids are doing. There's the [community profile] hc_bingo (Hurt/Comfort), [community profile] au_bingo, [community profile] kink_bingo (the one that started them all) and, my personal favorite, [community profile] cliche_bingo. Sadly for me, Cliche Bingo is no longer taking new sign ups. Of course, that didn't stop me from just creating my own Cliche Bingo Card and cherry picking the cliches I like the most (I think I may have squee'd out loud when I came up with an idea for Canon AU). So, this is my summer project my SUMMER OF CLICHES!! I'm setting a goal of one line before the end of summer and, possibly, a blackout by the end of the year. And shouldn't be that difficult since, according to the Big List of Cliches, cliches seem to be ALL I'm capable of writing!! I think I've written, like, 20 of these cliches already.. multiple times!!

Also, if anyone has a pairing to go with one of the prompts, don't be afraid to ask. Can't say I'll get to it but, shit, there are *30* damn prompts to fill. And I'm using this mostly as an exercise to get back into writing on a regular basis.

#1 - About To Die, Must Have Hot Sex #2 - Apoca-Fic #3 - Undercover As Lovers Or A Married Couple #4 - Forced To Share A Bed/Sleeping Bag/Tent #5 - Caught Masterbating
#6 - Undercover As A Prostitute #7 - Timey-Wimey
#8 - Amnesia #9 - Voyeurism #10 - Aliens Made Us Do It
#11 - Hurt/Comfort #12 - Mirror, mirror: Doppelgangers, clones and evil doubles WILD CARD #14 - Dark Fic #15 - Fuzzy Morning After *or* Do You Remember What We Did Last Night?
#16 - Forced Marriage #17 - Fpreg #18 - Genderswap #19 - Virginity or Virgin Sacrifice #20 - Zombies
#21 - One Meeeellion Dollars: Indecent Proposal#22 - Canon AU #23 - Aphrodisiac/Sex Pollen #24 - Slave Fic #25 - Everyone Thinks We're Doing It

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