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Title: Hearts of Clay
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan, mentions Kahlan/Richard
Rating: Mature
Spoilers: ep 1x20 Reckoning
Word Count: 11529
A/N: For my Summer of Cliches Bingo card; prompts - #22 Canon AU, #16 Forced Marriage, #17 Fpreg.
WARNING: For dub-con, mentions of past sexual abuse/non-con.
Summary: Canon Au of ep 1x22 "Reckoning". Kahlan's heart has always belonged to a Rahl. But the child of Panis Rahl she falls in love with isn't the one she expected to ever love.
Disclaimer: "Legend of the Seeker", its characters, and the situations depicted are the property of ABC Studios, and Terry Goodkind. This piece of fan fiction was created for fun and not profit.

"Then.." Kahlan swallowed, lifting her chin in defiance. "I will be your Queen."

First off, even though there's three Cliches covered in this fic, it only qualifies for one - Canon AU. And, HOLY SHIT!! This was supposed to be a simple PWP. I have no idea where the other, oh, NINE THOUSAND words came from! Okay, maybe I do have an idea. I started the fic and then thought leaving it at just Cara and Kahlan's wedding night would have made it a bit too oogly and then it kind of morphed from there into a story of how Kahlan could fall in love with Cara 'Rahl'. Although I think this kinda fails the Bechdel Test since it's kind of about how Kahlan falls out of love with Richard as she's falling in love with Cara. But, hey, at least this time she doesn't DIE!!


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